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Rocket recycling – catching rocket stages after launch
Huh, catching a winged first stage booster rocket by the nose, air towing to a landing site, then releasing it again so it can glide to land. Avoids boost-back for recovery (more fuel for main flight), doesn't require a landing site forward in the ground track for the booster either. Catch-and-release, like a big mouth billy bass...
DLR  germany  europe  EU  air  capture  tow  towed  glider  gliding  booster  rocket  space  recovery  research  technology 
march 2019 by asteroza
Two-Stage-to-Orbit Transporting System Combining Microwave Rocket and Microwave Thermal Rocket for Small Satellite Launch
Mirabo's air breathing laser lightcraft used lasers to ignite air plasma, this is proposing something similar using microwaves for a rocket booster stage, then beamed microwave thermal for the second stage.

Notable here is the determination that you can cheat the trajectory to favor a higher altitude initial vertical boost, take the gravity loss hit during a cold coast to the second beam director LoS, then have a longer second stage beamed thermal burn. Allegedly 3x payload compared to a UAV air drop launch to a single beam director site?

But how does a common microwave beam work here for first and second stages? Is the first beaming site only a pulsed microwave system? Does microwave PDE even work with continuous wave microwaves?
pulsejet  microwave  pulse  detonation  engine  PDE  rocket  thermal  beamed  propulsion  space  research  technology  japan 
december 2018 by asteroza
Microwave Rocket Team | Komurasaki Lab., UT, Japan.
Looking at laser/microwave beam powered air breathing pulsejet propulsion, which may be attractive as an SRB booster replacement for ground launch.
airbreathing  pulsejet  ground  launch  microwave  laser  beamed  propulsion  research  technology  space  rocket  engine 
december 2018 by asteroza
Yet another newspace venture, but they've hired a former engine designer from Yuzhnoye for that ukrainian ORSC love... Now are working on a 3D printed copper lined LOX cooled engine
ORSC  rocket  engine  propulsion  research  technology  newspace  startup  3D  printing  fabbing  space 
december 2018 by asteroza
[1803.03111] Steam balloon concept for lifting rockets to launch altitude
So ground filled steam balloon might not suck at larger sizes, for rockoons?
steam  lift  gas  high  altitude  balloon  rocket  launch  rockoon  space  research  technology 
november 2018 by asteroza
On the Use of a Pulsed Nuclear Thermal Rocket for Interplanetary Travel | 52nd AIAA/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference
Fission pulses do neutron heating of hydrogen propellant to plasma conditions, but you need to liquid metal cool the fuel. Neat result is propellant can get hotter than the fuel due to neutron flux. Though a NTER strikes me as easier to implement...
pulsed  nuclear  thermal  rocket  engine  space  propulsion  research  technology  fission 
october 2018 by asteroza
Enzymatic construction of highly strained carbocycles | Science
Bicyclobutnae is a pain and expensive to make, so hasn't been seriously researched for rocket propellant research, but using e.coli to make it via enzyme catalyst now makes it a biofuel (biorocketfuel?). 8C boiling point versus cryogenic methane makes for an interesting trade study.
bicyclobutane  biology  organic  chemistry  materials  science  research  technology  rocket  fuel  propellant  biofuel  e.coli  bacteria  enzyme  production  catalyst 
july 2018 by asteroza
Turbo Rocket 8Jul18.pptx - Google Drive
Bringing back the NTTR for another round, this time it looks like it's taking the immense heatsink advantage of LH2 to run a fan/compressor for a SERJ and the turbopumps for an otherwise conventional rocket engine pack. Sorta conceptually similar to RocketLabs doing an end-run by using an electric motor to boost a conventional rocket motor that would have been limited to pressure fed or gas-generator.
NTTR  SCTR  nuclear  thermal  staged  combined  cycle  rocket  engine  space  propulsion  research  technology  SERJ  combustion  supercharged  air  augmented  multimode 
july 2018 by asteroza
Oxidation and Creep Resistant Nickel Alloy | QuesTek Innovations LLC
Allegedly the special Iconel alloy SpaceX will use in their Raptor engines, powdered so suitable for 3D printing.
single  crystal  nickel  superalloy  metallurgy  alloy  metal  3D  printing  fabbing  inconel  materials  science  research  technology  SpaceX  space  rocket  engine  raptor 
june 2018 by asteroza
Probably a vaporware air launched rocket...
newspace  air  launch  rocket  space  launcher 
june 2018 by asteroza
Development and Short-Range Testing of a 100 kW Side-Illuminated Millimeter-Wave Thermal Rocket
So Parkin and crew as part of the MTLS project got to phase 2, demoing a millimeter wave beamed thermal rocket launch. Some reports are 33kW received rather than 100kW though
microwave  millimeter  wave  beamed  thermal  propulsion  rocket  space  research  technology 
may 2018 by asteroza
SRC "Sea Launch" purchase
So SeaLaunch changes hands again officially, now owned by S7 airlines. Notable is that they appear to want to modifify the SeaLaunch platforms to accommodate Syouz-5 aka Fenix, which also implies use of Federastia, the new passenger capsule.
sea  launch  S7  russia  soyuz  Fenix  newspace  space  rocket  launcher 
april 2018 by asteroza
Another rockoon newspace startup
newspace  startup  balloon  launch  rocket  rockoon  space  launcher 
april 2018 by asteroza
Callisto, un démonstrateur de lanceur réutilisable à l'horizon 2020
Huh, ESA Callisto reusable rocket demonstrator to be built in Japan, using a japanese hydrolox engine?
ESA  Callisto  reusable  rocket  japan 
april 2018 by asteroza
Some sort of reusable sounding rocket capsule with a rogallo parasail for landing (which was considered for Gemini capsules back in the day)
reusable  rocket  capsule  rogallo  paraglider  parasail  parachute  landing  space 
march 2018 by asteroza
Fission-activated laser as primary power for CW laser propulsion
This seems to go over the FALCON nuclear pumped laser reactor as a 10MW prototype for a laser thermal beamed power SSTO.
laser  thermal  beamed  power  SSTO  rocket  space  nuclear  pumped  reactor 
december 2017 by asteroza
VOX Space
Virgin Galactic's LauncherOne subsidiary?
virgin  galactic  rocket  newspace  space  launcher 
november 2017 by asteroza
ABL Space Systems
Yet another smallsat launcher, scheduled for 2021, run by 2 ex-SpaceXers...
newspace  rocket  launcher  smallsat  space 
october 2017 by asteroza
New Line-1 is a new smallsat launcher, 100kg to SSO, looks a whole lot like Falcon-9 down to the grid fins and fishbone landing legs on the first stage. $4.6mil for expendable at 200Kg payload, half price (payload weight?) for reusable launch.
china  newspace  smallsat  rocket  launcher  reusable 
september 2017 by asteroza
Ripple Aerospace
Similar ocean launch to the fabled Sea Dragon
newspace  norway  small  rocket  launcher  aerospike  ocean  launch  floating 
september 2017 by asteroza
Technology Co.,Ltd. All rights reserved.
CASIC subsidiary selling KZ-11/CZ-11 commercial launch services. KZ-11 is a commercialized version of a PLA DF-31 series solid ICBM.
CASIC  china  solid  rocket  launch  commercial  newspace  space  ICBM 
september 2017 by asteroza
another small rocket startup using a balloon zero stage
newspace  small  rocket  launcher  space  balloon 
august 2017 by asteroza
Rocket motor concept could boost CubeSat missions
Somehow gasifying a solid fuel, which then is piped to and reacts with a solid oxidizer section
cubesat  space  propulsion  segregated  solid  fuel  oxidizer  thruster  rocket 
july 2017 by asteroza
Variable Element Launcher
Apparently Aerojet pulled some work from their dual mode ramjet work to demo a working TAN rocket nozzle, with LOx/LH2 with LOx/RP-1 TAN injection, for a working tripropellant setup.
aerojet  dual  fuel  TAN  tripropellant  LOx  LH2  RP-1  space  rocket  engine  propulsion  test  Delicious 
february 2017 by asteroza
Quad-Rocket Home
Huh, surprised this doesn't get classified as a guided missile...
quadcopter  multicopter  UAV  drone  amateur  rocket  Delicious 
december 2016 by asteroza
Ripple Aerospace - From the Seas to the Stars
It looks like a minified DIRECTv2 launcher, and/or rehash of SeaDragon. Nice full aerospike there.
norway  space  startup  newspace  sea  launch  rocket  launcher  aerospike  engine  Delicious 
september 2016 by asteroza
Launch Vehicle and Spacecraft System Design Using the Pistonless Pump - RocketPu...
Interesting pistonless pump design, using low pressure main tank, and two or more runtime tanks alternating between pressurizing and receiving fluids, all driven by a pressurant gas.
launch  vehicle  rocket  pistonless  runtime  pressure  pump  tank  propellant  Delicious 
august 2016 by asteroza
Composite 3D-printed metastructures for low-frequency and broadband vibration ab...
Making rocket payload launch shrouds out of engineered foam metastructures to integrate sound absorption.
3D  printing  fabbing  engineered  foam  metastructure  structure  sound  absorber  launch  payload  shroud  cover  rocket  space  materials  science  research  technology  Delicious 
august 2016 by asteroza
Our Projects | Orbital Access
DC-10 based smallsat launcher, with dev work with BAE to make a TSTO SABRE engine equipped launcher later (which seems to be a disguised SABRE NTV for REL)
EU  UK  smallsat  air  launch  rocket  launcher  skylon  SABRE  space  startup  Delicious 
july 2016 by asteroza
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