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Project OWL
Emergency mesh wifi network using floating AP's called DuckLinks
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july 2019 by asteroza
These guys caught the OPM hack during a product demo, similar to how a NetScreen demo exposed the RSA hack...
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june 2015 by asteroza
Co3 Systems
Basically a software package that can layout incident response plan, which you use within it to log your responses to an incident. It pulls in intel from outside vendors and internal logs, and tries to watch your response. Social networking for security teams too, in a collaborative response sort of way. This might be good, since Bruce Schneier is involved.
incident  response  planning  coordination  tracking  logging  software  service  security  Delicious 
january 2014 by asteroza
FAQ: Nuclear Energy Industry Develops FLEX Strategy to Increase Safety, Address NRC’s Post-Fukushima Recommendations
FLEX seems to be the nuclear industry's version of International Rescue, AKA Thunderbirds Lite. Though the way Fukushima played out, heavy airlift with VTOL or high speed sea transport (where appropriate) may be what is necessary. But if you follow that route, you would be asking for something like a heavy lift cargo tiltrotor aircraft (such as quad tiltrotor) or a high speed SES (like the US Navy's high speed assault connector ship designs) to deliver the generators and other equipment quickly.
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december 2012 by asteroza
Domestic cats
Cats have two basic types of purring. One is the solicitation purr, which actually has a frequency spike around 470-480Hz. The solicitation purr is made often when the cat wants food or something (those with cats who sit on their face trying to wake you up in the morning will understand). It turns out the frequency spike is apparently quite similar to a human baby crying. So the cat is an evil manipulative bastard that tries to reuse human instinct to respond to baby needs for itself. The other purring is apparently just generic, but there was past research that the 50-60Hz regular purring is actually a cat bone resonant frequency, that causes bone segments on either side of a microfracture to periodically come in contact, eventually "sticking" and helping to heal the microfracture much faster than just plain cellular repair. Anyone with cats should remember episodes where the cat has injured itself and is then suddenly purring.
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june 2012 by asteroza
These guys are doing a trick analyzing the infrared return wavelengths and running it through a DSP to generate a false color nightvision image that is pretty close to true color.
Nanolux  false  color  nightvision  IR  infrared  sensor  video  camera  wavelength  response  processing  algorithm  technology  DSP  AIST  japan  surveillance  Delicious 
march 2011 by asteroza
meisner-asplos09.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Idea here is to use near consumer grade (500W) cheap power supplies with fast response factors, coupled with aggressive OS sleep software (and maybe SSD's to cut back on the response start lag of spinning disks), to create server arrays that can shed power load to follow computational demand load. Easier to turn off single power supplies working in an array set to cut power than to tweak a single big monolithic power supply.
sharing  green  energy  power  datacenter  supply  reduction  server  high  efficiency  speed  load  response  rails  demand  redundant  consumption  array  PowerNap  inexpensive  filetype:pdf  media:document  Delicious 
march 2009 by asteroza

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