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For people who can't get on Kickstarter and think the alternatives suck, the lockitron guys open sourced their self hosted crowdfunding platform, now available from github.
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november 2012 by asteroza
For people who like to deploy websites via GIT, this might be the PaaS solution for you. Basically it allows one click deployment of sites from GIT repositories, and it handles the dirty work of deploying underlying server software and scripting frameworks.
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august 2011 by asteroza
Welcome to Cloud Foundry
VMware taking the PaaS fight open source (similar to DeltaCloud and OpenStack) and trying to go toe-to-toe with Google Appengine and Microsoft Azure. Gives access to Ruby/Rails/Sinatra, Java, Node.js, Grails, and other JVM frameworks. The open source aspect is what they call Cloud Foundry Micro Cloud, which is a locally deployable instance, potentially to allow hybrid Public/Private PaaS cloud setups, as well as all local setups too. They also cover databases too, such as MySQl, MongoDB and Redis.
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april 2011 by asteroza
meisner-asplos09.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Idea here is to use near consumer grade (500W) cheap power supplies with fast response factors, coupled with aggressive OS sleep software (and maybe SSD's to cut back on the response start lag of spinning disks), to create server arrays that can shed power load to follow computational demand load. Easier to turn off single power supplies working in an array set to cut power than to tweak a single big monolithic power supply.
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march 2009 by asteroza

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