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Bonusly - Fun, Personal Employee Recognition and Rewards
yet another company internal pseudo-currency , being used to game employee bonuses downward for mid performers. Somebody called this Patreon without the commitment?
business  productivity  employee  recognition  award  internal  currency  bonus  HR  management 
5 weeks ago by asteroza
Uses Oauth to retrieve email from Gmail but that should be portable enough pull from other sources (seems like there's a stub for Slack? and vestiages of bulk offline email analysis such as large email dumps). Seems to be an evolved version of Immersion
team  interaction  email  business  productivity  communication  network  visualization  graph  project  management  employee  opensource  collaboration  networking  research  infographics 
july 2019 by asteroza
A calendar "defragmenting" service, to shuffle schedules so people get more contiguous blocks of time
time  calendar  defragment  service  startup  business  personal  productivity  management 
june 2019 by asteroza
NotNow - Snooze your emails, for free !
Hrm, not terrible, aside from sending the email elsewhere...
email  reminder  service  business  personal  productivity 
june 2019 by asteroza
Good Strategy/Bad Strategy | The Difference and Why It Matters
Apparently a pretty good book. Clearly outlines why most strategies are not real strategies and/or they suck.
business  management  productivity  book  reference  information  strategy  startup  vision 
april 2019 by asteroza
Impaired Decision Making in Conference Rooms - GIGA循绿
Wait this says 3 people just sitting quietly in a room for 1 hour have impaired cognitive function due to CO2! ASHRAE limit is 1000ppm, these guys suggest 1400ppm is the line for cognitive impairment.
meeting  CO2  air  quality  health  medicine  business  productivity  safety  decision 
march 2019 by asteroza
Associations of Cognitive Function Scores with Carbon Dioxide, Ventilation, and Volatile Organic Compound Exposures in Office Workers: A Controlled Exposure Study of Green and Conventional Office Environments
Study shows 3 people in a 2 hour meeting in a conference room have impaired cognitive functions due to high CO2, such that decisions at the end of the meeting suffer.This naturally gets worse with more people.
meeting  CO2  air  quality  health  medicine  business  productivity  safety  decision 
march 2019 by asteroza
Some sort of third party email service that has various integrations and a very fast client UI.
superhuman  email  service  business  productivity  software  client  app 
march 2019 by asteroza
Some sort of multicloud dashboard/interface for personal use styles. So cloud file storage, file editing, media viewing.
personal  dashboard  productivity  management  content  collection  library  file  storage  document  editor  player  multicloud  jolicloud 
april 2018 by asteroza
WakaTime · Quantify your coding
Instrumenting your IDE to tracking programming productivity. Also sorta doubles as an automatic time tracking service of sorts.
time  tracking  service  personal  productivity  IDE  telemetry  plugin  programming  development  business 
february 2018 by asteroza
Notion – Docs, Wikis, Tasks. Seamlessly in one.
Apparently good for managing product roadmaps and feature requests?
groupware  project  management  collaboration  productivity  wiki  startup 
november 2017 by asteroza
Coda — It's a new day for docs
Kinda cloud based super spreadsheet, for excel formula/macro junkies
cloud  spreadsheet  service  excel  alternative  productivity 
october 2017 by asteroza
Bountify | Crowdsource Small Coding Tasks
Quickie outsourcing to code freelancers (has to be quick since at most you can get $100 worth of expertise)
outsourcing  crowdsourcing  programming  coding  freelance  sysadmin  tips  tricks  small  task  productivity  bounty  code  Delicious 
april 2017 by asteroza
Deep Focus
Some sort of message sentiment miner that prioritizes email/messages?
email  message  sentiment  parser  prioritization  personal  analytics  business  productivity  Delicious 
may 2016 by asteroza
Procrastinator's Clock
Clock that runs fast, but you're never sure how fast, to keep you from acclimating to a fixed early clock.
procrastinator  probabilistic  clock  lifehacks  procrastination  productivity  tools  Delicious 
march 2016 by asteroza
Bunkr - Create presentations with Facebook posts, videos, Vine, Instagram, tweets...
Interesting HTML5 native presentation editor software/service, as opposed to Prezi which needs to use a native app or flash.
presentation  software  service  HTML5  tools  utilities  business  productivity  alternative  powerpoint  Delicious 
april 2015 by asteroza
Service detects events in forwarded emails, then registers them in your configured calendar.
calendar  event  registration  email  service  reminder  tools  utilities  productivity  Delicious 
march 2014 by asteroza
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