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Bioinspired polymeric woods | Science Advances
Hrm, interesting wood analog that is highly insulating and with better fire resistance. Specific strength is also interesting. Sorta foamy, like aerogel
biomimicry  biomimetic  polymeric  engineered  wood  materials  science  research  technology  chitosan  pore 
october 2018 by asteroza
Multifunctional Stiff Carbon Foam Derived from Bread - ACS Applied Materials & I...
Carbon foams made from bread, where tuning the yeast tunes the pore size of the bread, tuning the resulting foam pore size. Also has higher fire resistance. Wonder if sourdough makes a difference...
porous  carbon  foam  manufacturing  materials  science  research  tunable  pore  size  bread  Delicious 
july 2016 by asteroza
Parsemus Foundation » Vasalgel Home
New alternative to vasectomies, using basically an injectable polymer plug, which has micropores too small for sperm, but large enough to pass liquid, prevent backup pressure side effects. Reversible by dissolving the plug with another injectable agent.
male  contraceptive  contraception  medicine  health  fixed  pore  polymer  Delicious 
june 2015 by asteroza
Ultrahigh Surface Area Three-Dimensional Porous Graphitic Carbon from Conjugated Polymeric Molecular Framework - ACS Central Science (ACS Publications)
Using hydrogels as a start point, new activated carbon with higher surface area and engineered pore size/connectivity. Good for batteries, where pore size can inhibit mobility of components.
engineered  activated  graphtiic  carbon  materials  science  manufacturing  research  technology  hydrogel  pore  size  control  interconnection  Delicious 
june 2015 by asteroza
DisruptiveMaterials | Materials that matter
New high surface area carbonate that beats zeolites and seems easy to make. Also very good as a desiccant.
upsalite  magnesium  carbonate  surface  technology  nanostructure  hygroscopic  research  science  desiccant  area  materials  porous  high  nanoporous  microporous  pore  nanotechnology  sponge  Delicious 
august 2013 by asteroza
Radiator Graphite-Foam.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Interesting concept for using airfoil pressure differential to force air through a heat exchanger embedded in the rear third of an airfoil, while having low frontal drag area. As noted in the PDF, for vehicle applications there will still be a need for an auxiliary fan when stopped, which likely means the airfoil will still be in the engine bay or embedded in the hood to utilize the forced air fan.
Open  pore  porous  high  thermal  conductivity  graphitic  graphite  foam  lightweight  radiator  heat  exchanger  hardware  research  control  materials  science  technology  filetype:pdf  media:document  Delicious 
may 2011 by asteroza

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