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ペイパルと三井住友カード、国内事業で提携 - CNET Japan
So PayPal and Sumitomo Mitsui are teaming up. Does this mean japanese users might be able to send personal payments again? Or is this just so PayPal japan can access Sumitomo Mitsui's credit card business for PayPal exclusive credit cards...
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july 2011 by asteroza
CAMPFIRE キャンプファイヤー | マイクロ・パトロン・プラットフォーム #campfirejp
Japanese alternative to Kickstarter. This might have legs, since Kickstarter can only dump money to US banks, and there is a tremendous hobby artisan/creative class in japan that sometimes just needs a nudge to go lightly commercial in nature on various products/ideas/services. Uses Paypal for the user money input (few international alternatives, but japan got tough and made Paypal less pleasant to use do to changes in the law). Nothing huge, but things to scratch an itch...
Campfire  Micro  patron  fundraising  platform  japan  finance  loan  collaborative  support  money  web  service  alternative  kickstarter  creator  community  business  paypal  Delicious 
january 2011 by asteroza
payclick by Visa
Visa decides to fight PayPal, but the restrictions on the account and a focus exclusively on micropayments (and since when did micropayments balloon into $20?!?) means this will be a tough fight.
Visa  online  micropayment  service  PayClick  ecommerce  payment  PayPal  Delicious 
june 2010 by asteroza
Welcome | Japan Shopping at FlutterScape
Crowdsourced translation of japanese online shop product descriptions, and how to buy the stuff originally. Now they are some kind of japanese item proxy purchase/shipping service that allow individuals to sell odd items without initially having stock.
japan  online  shopping  english  community  crowdsourcing  product  description  translation  proxy  purchasing  item  shop  gift  escrow  paypal  service  Delicious 
march 2010 by asteroza

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