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To stay secure online, Password Checkup has your back
need chrome and gotta login, and have to keep passwords in the google password manager...
google  chrome  password  manager  security  strength 
13 days ago by asteroza
Dynamically banned passwords in Azure AD | Microsoft Docs
Piss off red teams that password spray by setting up some tripwires. such as <season>2019
azure  AD  password  security  custom  complexity  ban  list  group  policy 
march 2019 by asteroza
hashcat v5.1.0
Huh, did not know about the forced US layout for the Keyboard maps
TrueCrypt  VeraCrypt  keyboard  map  US  password  complexity  dictionary  security  hacking 
december 2018 by asteroza
Emoji usage in your domain – Joe McCormack – Medium
Probably limited to 10/2016, but MS did backport emojis to 7 so...
windows  unicode  emoji  password  domain  user  AD  security  hacking  pentesting 
september 2018 by asteroza
ryanries/PassFiltEx: First commit
password filter for AD to add additional password restrictions on things like a custom password blacklist
windows  AD  active  directory  custom  bad  password  filter  blacklist  sysadmin  security  tips  tricks 
june 2018 by asteroza
PassProtect - Chrome Web Store
Uses haveibeenpwned database to see if your password sucks
chrome  browser  plugin  addon  extension  bad  exposed  password  check  test  security 
may 2018 by asteroza
containerized GPU accelerated password cracker for corporate usage, with some security to not just let anybody see the results
docker  container  GPU  accelerated  password  cracking  cracker  software  security  hacking  pentesting  sysadmin  tools  utilities  go 
march 2018 by asteroza
Release 2.1.1 20171220 · gentilkiwi/mimikatz
new mimikatz, there's a handy authentication package called mimilib to capture plaintext passwords at logon on windows 10 with credential guard
mimikatz  security  hacking  pentesting  windows  logon  password  capture  sniffing 
december 2017 by asteroza
Combination of many breaches : pwned
password  list  data  leak  breech  torrent  security  hacking  pentesting 
december 2017 by asteroza
cry/nbp: NIST Bad Passwords - JavaScript library for detecting common passwords.
password blacklist javascript library, though for additional blacklists, maybe use openwall dictionaries?
NIST  bad  password  blacklist  javascript  library  dictionary 
november 2017 by asteroza
USB Dongle Auth List
List of sites with support for USB dongle authentication which includes One Time Passwords (OTP) and Universal 2nd Factor (U2F).
website  support  OTP  FIDO  U2F  list  compatibility  reference  information  USB  dongle  yubikey  security  password  authentication  2FA 
november 2017 by asteroza
BlindHash-Restoring Trust in Passwords
Password hashing security as a service (more like salt as a service), using a 16TB salt and a new blind hashing technique. Functions like a Crypto Anchor.
security  service  password  blind  hash  encryption  cryptography  salt  CryptoAnchor 
november 2017 by asteroza
square/keywhiz: A system for distributing and managing secrets
interesting trick of allowing a FUSE mount of pseduo-files for accessing secrets to allow use with apps that can't handle this kind of secret management normally
security  vault  private  key  password  sharing  management  software  opensource 
september 2017 by asteroza
Telnet List 33138 lines -
Interesting live internet telnet logon usernames/passwords. Not all of them public defaults?
telnet  username  password  list 
august 2017 by asteroza
Password API
Oh hey, password hash lookup service...
security  hacking  pentesting  password  hash  lookup  service 
july 2017 by asteroza - Home is a community recovering password from submitted hashes.
password  hash  reference  list  repository  hacking  cracking  security  pentesting 
june 2017 by asteroza
Special Publication 800-63 | NIST
64 character passwords without required specials, no forced rotation without evidence of compromise, no SMS 2FA, password paste OK
NIST  800-63  digital  identity  service  requirements  password  policy  guidance  information  reference  security 
june 2017 by asteroza
General Service List - Wikipedia
correct horse battery staple probably came from this
2000  list  password  XKCD  word  english  Delicious 
march 2017 by asteroza
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