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Development of a wearable medical device for type 2 diabetes
This sounds promising, as a weight loss belt. I wonder if they can combine the heat/electric shock with those tuned IR LED's that can help burn some types of surface fat?
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november 2016 by asteroza
Curvy Plastic Tube Fights Obesity, No Surgery Required | האוניברסיטה העברית בירושלים | The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Basically, this thing only blocks like 10% of the absorption surface of the small intestine but has a huge effect, and in particular seems very effective at treating type 2 diabetes. Basically, since it is a physical barrier liner, you can eat like you always do but less calories are reaching your body so it's like you were dieting. Why blocking absorption at the front end of the small intestine matters so much is still being researched, but the going theory is that sugar and fat are being absorbed near the front end while other stuff is absorbed farther along. Designed for permanent use, but installed via the throat (with no anesthetic?!?)
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september 2013 by asteroza
Technology Review: Power from Glucose
A potentially interesting solution to power implants and other medical devices, such as pacemakers and insulin pumps. But the interesting long term goal is an auxiliary excess glucose/calorie consume in the body, to overtake the normal metabolism. Basically, the idea would be to implant the biofuelcell in obese people (or people with oddball metabolism or excess glucose in their bodies such as diabetics), run the biofuelcell to reduce blood glucose levels. In an obese person, the body would react like it's being overly exercised (or starved?) and burn fat to compensate. One of the long term problems with obesity is the difficulty to both increase caloric expenditure while reducing food intake. This would neatly bypass the expenditure problem by having a secondary calorie consumer, since realistically, nobody is reliably capable of reducing their food consumption. But I wonder about the caloric starvation effect on hunger...
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may 2010 by asteroza

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