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Basically stripping lignin from trees to make an aligned fiber channel nannocellulose nanowood material, with anisotropic insulation properties. This spinout is marketing the stuff. Weird uses include blackening a top surface of an aligned block and floating it on a water surface, as a concentrated solar power receiver to make steam by capillary action through the aligned fibers.
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march 2018 by asteroza
Processing bulk natural wood into a high-performance structural material | Nature
So boiling wood in a sodium hydroxide/sulfide slurry to remove liglin and hemicellulose, then hot pressing the remains makes superwood that is as strong as steel due to densification of highly aligned cellulose nanofibers. Hot pressing also allows forming a final shape for engineered wood products.
materials  science  research  technology  aligned  nanofiber  cellulose  nanocellulose  fiber  densification  wood  superwood 
february 2018 by asteroza
Ekoportal2035 - Innventia
The dinnerware is interesting, using a superhydrophoic coating applied via supercritical CO2 dissolved wax, developed at KTH.
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