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colmmacc/nf_conntrack_tls: A Linux netfilter conntracking module that understands TLS records
crude linux netfilter plugin to drop TLS heartbeat connections, as a temporary shield for Heartbleed
linux  netfilter  module  security  defense  heartbleed  OpenSSL  TLS 
april 2019 by asteroza
rianhunter/wasmjit: Kernel Mode WebAssembly Runtime for Linux
because khttpd was such a great idea...
then again, the whole CloudFlare web worker edge computing thing to push serverless into edge devices so much that the cloud effectively becomes edgeless could build on this...
webassembly  linux  kernel  module  mode  opensource  software  runtime 
november 2018 by asteroza
Camper | Hungary | IoCamper
Expandable/deployable camper box that can slide into a cargo van bay. Though if it fills the bay, then you are only left the front seats?
RV  camper  camping  deployable  module  slide  expansion  recreation  vehicle  transportation 
september 2018 by asteroza
Concept Project Christine
Project died, but interesting mini-blade PC concept using modules connecting to a power and data backplane
modular  PC  hardware  electronics  devices  concept  design  module  blade  backplane 
december 2017 by asteroza
Some sort of SD card form factor TPM/smartcard/VPN module for android? Mudge related...
android  trusted  external  module  SD  card  secure  communication  security  research  hardwawre  electronics  devices  Delicious 
april 2017 by asteroza
p3nt4/metasploit-modules: This module will change a local user's password direct...
Metasploit module for directly carving out and replacing password hashes to forcibly change a user password.
metasploit  module  security  pentesting  hacking  windows  user  password  change  registry  attack  hash  carve  Delicious 
december 2016 by asteroza
Interesting, using DNS-over-HTTPS to improve security of lookups, assuming you trust google DNS.
NSS  module  DNS-over-HTTPS  DNS  SSL  TLS  certificate  pinning  domain  name  lookup  hardening  security  Delicious 
october 2016 by asteroza
NanoRacks To Catalyze Concepts for Deep Space Habitats
So they are trying to resurrect Skylab's wet workshop design, using a centaur upper stage, an intermediate docking node module called Ixiom, and a Cygnus vehicle for ISS delivery tug ops. If they are incorporating the ACES long duration upper stage work, with a stronger/better centaur tank, this might be feasible, but that's a lot of fitting work in orbit and centaur tanks aren't exactly the greatest starting point for a module hull.
NanoRacks  cygnus  centaur  upperstage  wet  wetlab  space  station  module  ISS  infrastructure  Delicious 
august 2016 by asteroza
u type - Modular Rx for Android Devices
Sorta promising android USB OTG UVC adapter suited to hosting 5.8GHz FPV radio receivers, but no power passthrough
android  UVC  USB  video  adapter  FPV  radio  module  host  UAV  drone  receiver  RX  OTG  Delicious 
may 2016 by asteroza
Adaptive Fiber Array Technology | Optonicus
DARPA Excalibur laser program using these fiber laser modules, which have neat beam steering properties
DARPA  excalibur  intelligent  fiber  array  adaptive  optics  laser  module  research  technology  beam  steering  collimator  coherent  Delicious 
january 2015 by asteroza
Concepts for a modular nuclear powered containership - ePrints Soton
These guys cover some concepts and suggest slotted tug/barge style setups.
nuclear  cargo  ship  vessel  design  marine  engineering  research  technology  tug  barge  module  Delicious 
may 2014 by asteroza
Intel® Server Adapters — Which SFP+ modules, SFP modules, and cables can I use with the X520 Series?
Apparently, the X520 is somewhat picky about about the SFP+ modules you use with it, listed here. Thankfully, if you have a newer Linux kernel, you can force the ixgbe driver to use unsupported modules and not complain by setting in ixgbe.conf the following options ixgbe allow_unsupported_sfp=1
compatibility  networking  module  SFP+  tricks  list  tips  sysadmin  SFP  10Gbit  X520  Delicious 
june 2013 by asteroza
iPhone Camera Removal | iPhone Repair
If you want to keep your iPhone but still use it in a place that does not allow cameras, it's either this, or try to get one of those limited edition cameraless iPhones that were made for young people going into the Singaporean draft military periods.
cameraless  security  hardware  service  removal  module  camera  iPhone  Delicious 
january 2013 by asteroza
Flying colours: Rheinmetall successfully tests 50kW high-energy laser weapon
Looks like they did paired turrets based on Oerlikon Revolver Gun air defense turret chassis and integration, with one turret fitted with 3 10KW modules while the other had only 2 modules.
air  Oerlikon  turret  defense  military  weapon  directed  DEW  50KW  module  10KW  laser  energy  high  CRAM  Rheinmetall  Delicious 
december 2012 by asteroza
google-authenticator - Two-step verification - Google Project Hosting
Wow, Google now provides a PAM module for linking up to their two factor authentication system.
password  time  one  OTP  software  opensource  authentication  security  module  PAM  login  authorization  factor  two  authenticator  google  Delicious 
august 2012 by asteroza
Selenian Boondocks » Blog Archive » Interesting Paper on Shuttle Alternatives
Cute pseudo-STS shuttle bay fairing module design to deliver ISS modules originally designed for the shuttle's payload bay.
ISS  module  shuttle  STS  payload  cargo  bay  adapter  fairing  hardware  space  transportation  Delicious 
november 2011 by asteroza
PlugBug Charger - PlugBug Charger - Twelve South
This basically swaps out a regular mac laptop charger's international plug swap block with a specialized US style two prong block with an inline 10W USB charger port. Good idea, but Apple should have already done this on the body of the main charger to begin with.
recharger  PlugBug  module  charger  outlet  hardware  mac  adapter  plug  USB  apple  gifts  devices  output  electronics  Delicious 
november 2011 by asteroza
SPS-ALPHA: The First Practical Solar Power Satellite via Arbitrarily Large PHased Array « National Space Society Blog
Weird jellyfish design. Something strange about it though. If it has a gravity gradient stabilized antenna pointing down, how does the reflector array operate correctly?
SPS-ALPHA  NASA  NIAC  SBSP  SPS  SSP  space  solar  power  research  module  modular  phased  array  Delicious 
october 2011 by asteroza
NAT66 for Netfilter | Download NAT66 for Netfilter software for free at
Apparently this is the better of the two NAT66 kernel modules available for IPv6 NAT translation (appears to be for 1:1?). See RFC 6296.
netfilter  IPv6  NAT  kernel  module  linux  opensource  network  software  routing  NAT66  RFC6296  Delicious 
september 2011 by asteroza
RaidSonic RAIDON SR2760-2S-S2B 2.5" SATA RAID module for two HDDs
RaidSonic SR2760-2S-S2B 3.5 inch HDD form factor double 2.5 inch form factor HDD/SSD RAID enclosure/case/shell/adapter device. Handy way to mirroring a small boot drive and not blowing RAID ports on it. Might be usable on Nexenta, since if it is doing RAID, it won't be a simple port multiplier.
hardware  RAID  raid0  RAID1  stripe  mirror  3.5  3.5inch  module  2.5  2.5inch  hard  drive  SSD  adapter  case  housing  shell  electronics  devices  Delicious 
august 2011 by asteroza
mod-spdy - Apache SPDY module - Google Project Hosting
Uh, I fail to see how the SPDY extension to HTTP would be that much better than classic HTTP 1.1 pipelining, and the server push aspect is asking for advertiser abuse.
apache  module  SPDY  google  HTTP  pipline  compression  server  push  opensource  software  Delicious 
april 2011 by asteroza
CUPP Computing
The idea of a UMPC android netbook that could potentially slide into a 5.25 inch desktop front bay is interesting, shades of older IBM ThinkPad portable desktop core concepts. Return of parasite computing?
CUPP  embedded  daughterboard  android  PC  hardware  electronics  devices  core  module  portable  parasite  computer  Delicious 
february 2011 by asteroza
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