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Kolkata firm to help NHPC set up floating 50-mw solar power plant in Kerala
Use a floating solar PV setup on top of a water reservoir to reduce evaporation and secure large flat areas.
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august 2014 by asteroza
Are Japan's Megasolar Plans Falling Apart? | Renewable Energy News Article
Typical vague japanese law being played to suppress new players? Or was the original political goodwill just for show?
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january 2012 by asteroza
ソフトバンク孫正義氏、自然エネルギーを普及する6つの“緊急提言”を発表 - 家電Watch
So Softbank has cooked up a company called SB Energy and is actively pushing for multiple 200MW class "megasolar" powerplants to be built. Also supporting import of energy surpluses from northern and southern regions of japan to fuel the power hungry core. Also making some policy complaints about right of grid interconnect rejection by regional power monopolies hampering renewable energy rollouts.
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november 2011 by asteroza

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