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PHI Cares ~ PHi Air Medical Membership /Affiliate Program ~ Air Ambulances Transportation with the highest standards of safety and patient care
Wow, an air ambulance service with a membership card. Considering the pricing for medical helicopter evacuations, this actually makes some sense for people in suburban/rural situations, otherwise the transport bill will be out of this world, and sometimes not covered by insurance, thus bankrupting you.
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may 2018 by asteroza
Induction of IAPP amyloid deposition and associated diabetic abnormalities by a prion-like mechanism | JEM
There is a possibility that type 2 diabetes may be partially a communicable prion disease, due to IAPP concentrations impacting pancreatic beta cells.
medical  research  diabetes  disease 
august 2017 by asteroza
80% Less EHR Charting with a Remote Scribe | Augmedix
Augmedix gives your providers a team of real-time, quality-controlled, and customized remote scribes, accessed through Google Glass.
google  glass  service  medical  transcription  EHR  doctor  visit 
june 2017 by asteroza
disrupting the drug sales industry in japan, by using retirees and work-at-home moms who were in the drug sales industry (a harsh on-premises sales gig), scheduling up tablet videoconference sales pitches with harried doctors, who can set their own desired times to speak with drug reps. Much better conversion (5 minute on-site pitches vs 30 minute videocalls).
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march 2017 by asteroza
FDA issues information medical device security guidelines, notable is coordinated disclosure, so device manufacturers are less likely to go nuclear...
FDA  medical  device  information  security  guideline  Delicious 
january 2017 by asteroza
Hrm, integrate a throat mic and a headphone socket and you might have something good for regular folks paired to bluetooth smartphones...
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september 2014 by asteroza
OsiriX - DICOM Viewer
Mac software for viewing 3D patient medical imaging data in the DICOM format. Appears it is sometimes also used for working with patient 3D models for later output to a 3D printer though?
PACS  data  opensource  mac  OSX  health  imaging  OsiriX  software  patient  medical  DICOM  3D  medicine  viewer  Delicious 
march 2013 by asteroza
Japanese company that does soft 3D models, particularly of organs for training doctors. Recently famous for doing a tie-up with a maternity clinic to convert ultrasound scans of fetus' into a 3D model for doting pregnant mothers, for around $2K a pop, or $500 for the just the face of the fetus. Suitable as cellphone strap charms of course...
japan  training  medical  model  soft  organ  bureau  service  printer  3D  Delicious 
november 2012 by asteroza
Perpetual motion: A piezoelectric pacemaker that is powered by your heartbeat | ExtremeTech
Wow, that's actually pretty smart, if the local energy generation and storage for the periodic stimulus firing is sufficient and it isn't a large device to stuff into someones chest. Also much simpler and potentially more failsafe than say a blood sugar powered fuel cell.
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november 2012 by asteroza
Intravenous Oxygen
Apparently a method for packaging oxygen in lipid based microcapsules small enough and deformable enough to pass through capillaries. This effectively provides oxygen to people who have reduced or no lung function, for apparently up to 30 minutes. A sudden half hour increase in the "Golden Hour" could change the face of emergency medicine. It could also be used by people in extreme or dangerous situations, such a firefighters, or deep sea divers. I wonder if it could also be classified as a transhumanism boost treatment? Could athletes be considered doping if they used this, as it might potentially supply more oxygen than one could reasonably intake through the lungs?
boost  human  intravenous  development  research  biology  medical  medicine  carrier  oxygen  microcapsule  lipid  Delicious 
august 2012 by asteroza
Protecting medical implants from attack
Using recent research results regarding tuned transmitter antennas, MIT creates a signal jammer/nullifier that does signal RF wave cancellation for specific bands, to protect wireless medical implant command channels.
medical  implant  device  remote  control  command  defense  shield  frequency  jammer  signal  nullifier  cancellation  simultaneous  receive  transmit  MIT  research  security  Delicious 
june 2011 by asteroza
GE to Begin Medical Cloud Computing in Japan, Nikkei Says - Bloomberg
Hrm, I wonder if they both have enough money to push into japan, and the necessary sales force to push into the private medical practices that litter the landscape in Japan, since the hospitals are literally welded at the hip to their Hitachi or Fujitsu made in-house EMR systems (which incidentally, are usually heavily customized at each site, usually operating within a server room in the hospital, and generally suck since IT in japanese healthcare feels like it's more than 10 years behind.) If GE can come in at a good price point (and now that fiberoptic broadband is almost a given), they can short circuit and undercut the incumbents.
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december 2010 by asteroza
InTouch Health Telemedicine Technology for Remote Presence
Apparently HeadThere, a startup doing a telepresence avatar robot, got into a legal dustup with these guys over telepresence robot avatar patents. Apparently they settled out of court in such a way that HeadThere can complete prototypes and do dev work, but are barred from selling anything in the US (well, assuming they don't want to fork over patent licensing fees). Sucks to be them, but the world market is still plenty big, assuming In Touch doesn't try to bring down a WIPO international patent hammer.
InTouch  medical  remote  presence  telepresence  wireless  robot  avatar  hardware  electronics  devices  robotics  telemedicine  health  medicine  Delicious 
may 2010 by asteroza
"Prescription" Tattoos Could Monitor Blood-Glucose Levels in Diabetics | Ecouterre
Nice non-invasive alternative to pricking your finger all day to get blood glucose readings. You could potentially compact the necessary reader equipment to a watch sized device, and put the invisible tattoo on both wrists.
medical  tattoo  blood  glucose  monitoring  infrared  flourescence  signature  diabetes  health  diagnostics  Delicious 
may 2010 by asteroza
PROTOM INTERNATIONAL, INC. | Proton Therapy and Tomography Technology
claim a new compact proton synchrotron design licensed from the original russian research institute that developed it. Maybe a FFAG, based on the design shape?
compact  proton  synchrotron  medical  radiation  therapy  hardware  electronics  devices  physics  FFAG  Delicious 
may 2010 by asteroza
eMed-ID | Emergency Medical Information Devices
Looks a bit sleazy, considering it's going after both a captured audience and talks about franchise opportunities, but conceptually, it's a bridge service/concept. Having an easy to wear USB device that contains relevant medical and ID information on people who require extended medical services (the seriously sick, the infirm elderly, and the mentally weakening elderly) is a great idea, provided the information is both securable and easily accessible. Adding GPS/geofence services to catch alzheimer's escapees is a nice value-addin.
eMed-ID  USB  device  medical  information  ID  records  GPS  geofence  hardware  electronics  devices  service  Delicious 
september 2009 by asteroza
Some Dude
Some Dude = a leading cause of injuries as seen by emergency room doctors...
medical  humor  SomeDude  t-shirt  Delicious 
may 2009 by asteroza
Standing on the Cornor Minding my Own Business
SOCMOB = Standing On the Corner Minding my Own Business, AKA one of the chief causes of injuries as seen by emergency room doctors...
medical  humor  SOCMOB  t-shirt  Delicious 
may 2009 by asteroza
Stem cells to grow bigger breasts - Times Online
Using stem cells to augment generic fat cell reinjection so the reinjected fat has a stable blood supply tissue composition. A semi-natural boobjob, resulting from cosmetic surgery research for breast cancer victims.

As opposed to that recent japanese news blurb about a company selling a gadget (maybe a ringtone or a mp3?) that plays resampled baby crying sounds, which seem to have a verifiable psycho-physiological effect of causing the female body to "prepare" itself for breast feeding by enlarging the breasts. Though I wonder how marketable that would be considering the heightened female sensitivity to irritation from baby crying sounds. They certainly couldn't use such an audio device overnight as they probably wouldn't get a good nights sleep. That, and the effect wouldn't be permanent unless they were nursing.
stem  cell  breast  augmentation  transhumanism  medical  research  cosmetic  surgery  Delicious 
april 2009 by asteroza
Beaded Ring Around Esophagus May Prevent GERD: The LINKS™ System
I suppose you'll always get a patdown at the airport and no more MRI exams, but what's not to like?
ring  acid  treatment  gadget  magnetic  medical  bead  reflux  Delicious 
march 2009 by asteroza

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