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An algal photoenzyme converts fatty acids to hydrocarbons | Science
GM bacteria using algae derived genes can convert fat to hydrocarbons using mostly (only?) blue light, by slicing off the carbon on a lipid chain with an enzyme
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september 2017 by asteroza
Intravenous Oxygen
Apparently a method for packaging oxygen in lipid based microcapsules small enough and deformable enough to pass through capillaries. This effectively provides oxygen to people who have reduced or no lung function, for apparently up to 30 minutes. A sudden half hour increase in the "Golden Hour" could change the face of emergency medicine. It could also be used by people in extreme or dangerous situations, such a firefighters, or deep sea divers. I wonder if it could also be classified as a transhumanism boost treatment? Could athletes be considered doping if they used this, as it might potentially supply more oxygen than one could reasonably intake through the lungs?
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august 2012 by asteroza
Single-Step Extraction | OriginOil - Breakthrough Algae Oil Technology
Interesting take on the algae lipid recovery process, similar to GM algae that excrete oil, since both processes use a tank with surface skimming for recovery. Basically a wet recovery process that skips the drying process of conventional biomass lipid recovery. Still kills the little guys, but you would end up doing that if biomass was a production target anyways, but that introduces the issues of whether or not the energy costs of drying are transferred to the biomass or should be charged to the lipids, and there is a secondary concern of what sort of changes occur in the biomass, that could potentially make it unattractive as a product for specific industries (maybe pharmaceuticals/nutriceuticals might be out, but straight animal feed and biomass feedstock should be alright)
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may 2011 by asteroza

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