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Using a weird linear pelton water turbine to generate power from low head water sources
low  head  water  hydroelectric  linear  pelton  turbine  belt  drive  power  generator 
march 2019 by asteroza
Power generator using cycling waste heat hot water/cooling water to drive a shape memory alloy wire actuator piston, which drives a hydraulic transmission and power generator. Made a discovery for high cycle ninitol alloy (10 million versus 1 million cycles for regular NT wire) to make the linear actuator work for industrial applications. Uses direct impingement of hot water and cold water to cycle the actuator though...
nitinol  shape  memory  metal  alloy  materials  science  research  technology  wasteheat  power  generator  linear  actuator  piston  hydraulic  transmission  drive  scavenging  harvesting  high  cycle  fatigue  resistance 
march 2019 by asteroza
Have an (artificial) heart | OHSU News
Artificial heart that use an oscillating linear piston design to reduce the parts count. Wonder how they prevent piston impacts at top/bottom dead center?
linear  free  piston  rod  pump  artificial  heart  medicine  health  research  technology 
march 2018 by asteroza
Libertine FPE
Seems to use very thin piston rods as a design, I guess to increase surface area of the generator portion?
FPEG  free  piston  linear  alternator  engine  generator  ICE  range  extender  Delicious 
october 2016 by asteroza
Aquarius Engines - Energy Generation
Appears to be a linear free piston ICE engine, probably for range extender work. Uses a piston rod linkage to connect the free piston to external rods that mount the generator stator coils, so the generator portion isn't in the hot cylinder/piston (though that means a a sliding seal for the piston rod to exit the head)
FPEG  linear  free  piston  alternator  generator  engine  ICE  range  extender  Delicious 
october 2016 by asteroza
Microsoft Word - TAG in space - PAMIR2014 - Master V1.docx - B.7.02=DidierA_Pamir14.pdf
Interesting variation on the stirling linear generator concept, using a driver coil with a thermoacoustic gain resonator and a receiver coil, so there are no moving parts on the hot end.
space  power  generator  thermoacoustic  research  technology  linear  Delicious 
october 2015 by asteroza
Terahertz-driven linear electron acceleration : Nature Communications : Nature Publishing Group
Interesting new take on linear accelerators, possible x100 improvement leading to free electron x-ray lasers...
terahertz  RF  wave  linear  particle  electron  accelerator  physics  research  technology  hardware  electronics  devices  Delicious 
october 2015 by asteroza
Possibly allied with Ripple Aerospace, to provide them with an aerospike
aerospike  rocket  engine  research  technology  space  hardware  crowdfunding  linear  newspace  startup  Delicious 
may 2015 by asteroza
Mole Solutions
Uses a linear motor track,, and "dumb" cargo carriages/capsules.
UK  england  cargo  vehicle  transportation  railway  railroad  subway  train  delivery  capsule  carriage  linear  motor  track  Delicious 
april 2015 by asteroza
KTH | Making waves with new gear technology
The cascade gear drivetrain that converts linear to rotary movement is kinda interesting. Though for a point absorber, it's probably the difference between a hydraulic pump's valving breaking, and this one grinding it's pinion gear teeth.
cascade  gear  pinion  linear  motion  converter  rotary  ocean  wave  power  generator  point  absorber  hardware  electronics  devices  Delicious 
february 2015 by asteroza
Free Piston Engine Linear Generator "FPEG" - Research Activities - Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.
Appears Toyota is working on a free piston linear generator engine. Seems to be two stroke.
Toyota  FPEG  free  piston  power  generator  linear  electric  Delicious 
july 2014 by asteroza
Thermoacoustic Stirling Engine
Interesting take on stirling engines, setup as a solar thermal thermoacoustic stirling engine, basically a solid state engine. They also do linear alternator free piston type stirling engines too.
thermoacoustic  stirling  engine  linear  alternator  power  generator  solar  green  energy  free  piston  Delicious 
may 2014 by asteroza
DLR Portal - News - DLR researchers unveil a new kind of range extender for electric cars
Using a gas piston to keep the linear generator rod from smashing through the cylinder end works, but it seems more like they are using the linear generator as a braking motion limiter (reverse generator to motor mode) to keep from overwhelming the gas piston.
gas  linear  free  hardware  engine  piston  power  generator  ICE  germany  research  Delicious 
june 2013 by asteroza
Airlight - Home
Oddball mix of inflatable mirror/lens assembly mounted on a lightweight fiber reinforced concrete frame. Essentially makes a closed, slightly pressurized container for the energy production components, to protect them from rain and air contamination. Though the ETFE film getting discolored due to age/exposure reducing power output might be a problem. The collector is universal, in the sense that the central core receiver can be either the CSP type using pressurized air for the heat transfer fluid (which nominally gets dumped through a gravel tank for heat storage), or a water cooled CPV receiver. Recently did work with IBM using IBM chip semiconductor manufacturing techniques to make CPV water cooled solar cell panels with integrated cooling in the silicon.via microchannels.
photovoltaic  linear  support  parabolic  thermal  CSP  green  assembly  trough  concentrating  CPV  solar  mirror  PV  inflatable  generator  power  energy  Delicious 
august 2012 by asteroza
Linear turbine propulsion system - Google Patents
Ow this hurts my head. Unwrap a rotary gas turbine, stick the stators/vanes on the track and the rotors on the vehicle, then burn baby burn!
US  patent  5669308  linear  turbine  reaction  rail  propulsion  system  technology  catapult  levitation  track  design  railroad  railway  accelerator  monorail  Delicious 
july 2011 by asteroza
Solar Machines, Inc.
Seems to be research solar thermal energy conversion to direct mechanical forces via thermally triggered shape memory alloy linear and rotary actuators. Applications are for reciprocating pumps in rural areas, so that covers both water pumping and refrigerator compressors.
solar  thermal  heat  direct  mechanical  force  power  conversion  linear  rotary  actuator  motion  shape  memory  alloy  metal  materials  science  research  technology  hardware  Delicious 
june 2011 by asteroza
Etalim Inc.
A sort-of stiriling engine, replacing the piston with a flexing metal membrane, driving a linear alternator power generator, avoid piston seal issues at the cost of fatigue life of the membrane at high temperatures and very high cycling
Etalim  thermoacoustic  solenoid  linear  alternator  power  generator  green  energy  Delicious 
february 2011 by asteroza
Solar Frontier Supplies CIS Solar Panels
Apparently this is a long linear solar panel array built on top of a maglev train test track, creating a dual use infrastructure that can demo for other dual use infrastructure projects. Certainly clears the siting requirements and I guess qualifies as a brownfield development...
japan  linear  solar  panel  array  power  generator  green  energy  rail  railroad  railway  infrastructure  dual  use  Delicious 
september 2010 by asteroza
SpringerLink - Journal Article
Chinese scientists say their FPLA simulations say a square/flat linear alternator design is more efficient. Unfortunately, making a flat free piston is a bit of a challenge (thermal dimensionality problems similar to a wankel rotor).
FPLA  free  piston  linear  alternator  power  generator  green  energy  simulation  research  Delicious 
march 2010 by asteroza
LCE - Linear combustion engine project:
I wonder if a switched reluctance generator style is fundamentally compatible with a magnetic linear generator.
Czech  EU  europe  linear  free  piston  engine  power  generator  green  energy  magnet  magnetic  Delicious 
march 2010 by asteroza
Almost solid state hard disk, shifts hard disk platter tech from spinning, to a translating platter, then upping the number of read/write heads since they are fixed and can be arranged in a large array. Kinky, using piezoelectric linear actuation. Certainly has the potential for much higher read/write speed since you are using an array of heads. The only problem is the relative lifetime of the platter and actuators, and what kind of wear would you experience?
Dataslide  2D  translation  platter  hard  disk  storage  SSD  piezoelectric  linear  actuator  Delicious 
june 2009 by asteroza
Artificial Muscle Linear Actuator EPAM Website - Artificial Muscle - Next Genera...
Why can't they make good bone conduction headphones with this tech? Hrm, wonder if this would be applicable for throat mic transducers too...
linear  hardware  polymer  ViviTouch  form  electroactive  muscle  actuator  factor  interface  haptic  motor  artificial  devices  small  electronics  Delicious 
october 2006 by asteroza

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