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Towards Robotic Feeding: Role of Haptics in Fork-Based Food Manipulation - IEEE Journals & Magazine
Two stage neural net, using a general object classifier to locate food on a plate, then a second stage to ID the food to match against a database of force factors for how a robot arm holding a fork should skewer the food to grab it.
deep  machine  learning  vision  computer  neural  network  RetinaNet  SPnet  algorith  robotics  robot  arm  human  assistance  assistive  medicine  health  feeding 
march 2019 by asteroza
[1804.00064] Learning Beyond Human Expertise with Generative Models for Dental Restorations
An actual practical use for GAN's, designing fake teeth. Apparently beat human designs which are tweaked from a standard set of CAD templates.
GAN  machine  deep  learning  medicine  health  dental  replacement  teeth  tooth  crown  design  research  technology 
may 2018 by asteroza

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