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Unfortunately, the map isn't accurate. The actual definition of the "100 mile zo... | Hacker News
Hrm, but CBP treats international airports in the center of the US as a border crossing, an frequently uses that definition to expand a 100 mile bubble around said airports. If the 100 mile rule only applies to external borders, then how are interior international airport checkpoints and the surrounding area supposed to be handled then?
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february 2019 by asteroza
Map showing high population regulated areas, where drones are prohibited.
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march 2016 by asteroza
Microsoft: No Botnet Is Indestructible - Slashdot
Interesting reference for pseudo-forensic data gathering. Naturally, running this means evidence tampering on the computer though unless it's a virgin clone...
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july 2011 by asteroza
Harris Corporation Introduces USB Thumb Drive Designed for U.S. Government Cyber Security Missions
I'm curious as to how this operates. Is this using some kind of device driver hole to extend it's claws into the host OS? Or is this like the BlackDog, a USB parasite computer that used a virtual CD and a virtual ethernet adapter to get onboard the host OS? If it claims no footprint, then it either has to boot the host into a special forensic LiveCD OS (with associated issues), or use some other trick...
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october 2010 by asteroza
Authentication of forensic DNA samples
While the researchers show a potential solution to detecting faked DNA evidence (un-methylated DNA due to whole genome amplification production technique), this puts a fair bit of current DNA evidence under doubt. Lawyers will have a field day, because so much is made of DNA evidence having the image of being infallible.
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august 2009 by asteroza
Guidance Software, Inc. - Guidance Software Opens Up Exciting New Possibilities in Data Acquisition with Groundbreaking EnCase(R) Portable Solution
Allowing untrained law enforcement to easily perform forensic computer investigations? All from the convenience of a portable USB stick? I don't want some county mountie fishing through my computer thank you very much...
EnCase  portable  USB  memory  storage  liveCD  boot  forensic  investigation  LE  law  enforcement  Delicious 
july 2009 by asteroza
SS8 > Communications Interception - Lawful Interception Solutions
These are the guys that made the Blackberry communications interceptor software the UAE Blackberry carrier forced on its users.
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july 2009 by asteroza
So You Think You Have a Power Law — Well Isn't That Special?
Seems everyone assuming the internet was a scale free topology obeying power laws was wrong. Choice quote "Abusing linear regression makes the baby Gauss cry."
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april 2009 by asteroza
staple / unstaple
A tool that forces people to commit a crime if they want to prove an archive contains stolen content. Turning the DMCA against those who try to use it. Cute in a contrarian activist sort of way.
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april 2009 by asteroza
Updated: Google Says It Is Still Examining Korea's Real-Name Verification Law
Seems korean netizens are caught between a rock and a hard place. The government wants to suppress via fear of legal retribution both mob mentality and political dissent. One is the noble goal of government to protect the people from themselves, the other is the self protecting ego of what would functionally be a police state. As always, the road to hell is paved with good intentions...
google  korea  real  name  verification  law  censorship  dissent  suppression  privacy  anonymity  internet  Delicious 
april 2009 by asteroza
FAQ: Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor (COFEE)
Plug in an autorun USB stick
Take data
I wonder how long before an ISO hits the PirateBay...
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february 2009 by asteroza

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