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huma-i portable air quality indicator sensor, crowdfunded on IndieGoGo
portable  air  quality  indicator  sensor  hardware  electronics  devices  crowdfunding  kickstarter  IndieGoGo  korea 
march 2019 by asteroza
MetaFly | A New Flying Experience. by Edwin Van Ruymbeke — Kickstarter
From the maker of the Bionic Bird, a kickstarted ornithopter, comes a new flyer. But, it looks like a bug, but if you look carefully it's basically a smaller version of the bionic bird in terms of mechanism
UAV  drone  toy  gift  ornithopter  flapping  wing  hardware  electronics  devices  kickstarter 
march 2019 by asteroza
Materials for the game "Collection Deck" • MuckRock
Somebody made a kickstarter to sell a version of this training game
CIA  training  card  game  kickstarter 
april 2018 by asteroza
Atmoph Window | スマートなデジタル窓
An actual video digital window, rather than just a large format digital still picture frame. Currently over 500 active scenes available for it. Kickstarted as well.
japan  crowdfunding  kickstarter  video  window  display  hardware  electronics  devices 
march 2018 by asteroza
Home - OliLight - Your trusty companion!
Wearable LED lamp belt is kinda nice, not sure you really need the other safety features though...
safety  camping  wearable  LED  lamp  light  belt  hardware  electronics  devices  lighting  kickstarter 
february 2018 by asteroza
Luna Display
mac USB dongle that uses host GPU acceleration to sped up streaming video data over wifi to an iPad emulating a second display
kickstarter  mac  OSX  iPad  secondary  second  display  USB  dongle 
october 2017 by asteroza
Home - Embr Labs
Not a full cooling solution (doesn't seem to work well above 85 degrees ambient), but possibly good enough for temporary heat relief. Wonder if that's a limitation of the heatsink?
personal  cooling  hardware  electronics  devices  peltier  cooler  kickstarter  wristband  bracelet  temperature 
october 2017 by asteroza
interesting modular survival flashlight/multitool
modular  flashlight  multitool  survival  camping  firestarter  PLB  USB  battery  hardware  electronics  devices  kickstarter 
july 2017 by asteroza
Home | Plashr
A rare multi port USB charger supporting fast recharge for high draw USB devices (5V/2.4A) plus Apple products and Qualcomm QuickCharge 2.0 compatible products.
high  power  USB  fast  charge  recharge  turbo  charger  recharger  hub  multi  multiport  QuickCharge  2.0  qualcomm  apple  lightning  hardware  electronics  devices  kickstarter  Delicious 
april 2015 by asteroza
Aurora Labs
Possible hastelloy printer. Something called acute angle laser sintering lets them achieve extremely high density. Some kind of multi-laser setup if it's not head on?
3D  printer  fabber  metal  laser  hardware  electronics  devices  kickstarter  Delicious 
september 2014 by asteroza
King's Assembly
Interesting ergonomic adjustable split keyboard/mouse, USB and bluetooth supported.
bluetooth  USB  ergonomic  adjustable  keyboard  mouse  split  hand  hardware  electronics  devices  kickstarter  Delicious 
april 2014 by asteroza
Crowdfunding platform in Taiwan underpinned by a group of go-to OEM's, because scaling delays for kickstarter projects mostly stem from manufacturing inexperience in scaling. Having a recommended set of OEM's to work with, who are already geared towards supporting short run manufacturing changes the game somewhat.
crowdfunding  alternative  kickstarter  OEM  manufacturing  platform  Taiwan  hardware  electronics  devices  Delicious 
april 2014 by asteroza
Boots Industries
Another interesting delta platform printer
delta  3D  printer  fabber  hardware  electronics  devices  kickstarter  Delicious 
january 2014 by asteroza
FlyKly Smart Wheel and Smart Light
Alternative to the Copenhagen Wheel out of MIT, an aftermarket electric assist motor mod wheel with self contained battery and regenerative motor braking.
electric  bike  bicycle  aftermarket  conversion  retrofit  replacement  wheel  battery  hardware  electronics  devices  kickstarter  Delicious 
november 2013 by asteroza
Grand St.
Seems like a store for products that made it on kickstarter...
gift  hardware  store  gadget  kickstarter  devices  online  electronics  Delicious 
august 2013 by asteroza
Dragon Innovation
The consultants/advisors behind a number of major successful kickstarter hardware campaigns is now going to start their own hardware oriented crowdfunding site, as Kickstarter is starting to become hardware unfriendly.
manufacturing  hardware  marketing  alternative  tooling  logisitics  crowdfunding  sales  fundraising  marketplace  kickstarter  devices  design  electronics  Delicious 
august 2013 by asteroza
A Store and Crowdfunding Platform | Crowd Supply
similar to kickstarter, but oriented more towards goods/hardware rather than art projects
crowdfunding  hardware  store  kickstarter  online  marketplace  Delicious 
march 2013 by asteroza
Alternative source/marketplace of 3D plans for IKEA style flat pack furniture, creatable using laser cutter gear and flat wood panels.
cutter  3D  printing  laser  fabbing  kickstarter  furniture  marketplace  design  Delicious 
march 2013 by asteroza
Velkess - About
Oddball low cost energy storage flywheel, based essentially on the same physics as a cowboy lasso being spun. So, the entire ring/torus/cylinder of the flywheel, along with the "rotor" it seems, is made of flexible materials.
rotor  ring  hardware  Velkess  flexible  devices  kickstarter  flywheel  energy  storage  electronics  Delicious 
march 2013 by asteroza
re:3D | Re:Magine the Possibilities
kickstarter project for a large build volume 3D printer
hardware  fabber  3D  kickstarter  devices  printer  electronics  Delicious 
march 2013 by asteroza
USB Micro Light Charger Cable for Cameras & Android phones by Dustin Orndorff — Kickstarter
Interesting concept for integrating asmall LED lighting into a USB connector to make searching for and linking up a smartphone to charge much easier.
hardware  USB  cable  kickstarter  devices  light  LED  electronics  Delicious 
february 2013 by asteroza
"Tailly", the tail that wags when you get excited by Shota Ishiwatari — Kickstarter
From the guy who prototyped the Nekomimi brainwave controlled cat ear headbands, comes the tail version. Now waiting for furry trifecta to lead into the mayan apocalypse...
neurowear  nekomimi  furries  kickstarter  devices  electronics  hardware  prop  prosthetic  tail  animatronic  reaction  signal  body  heartbeat  heartrate  Tailly  Delicious 
december 2012 by asteroza
For people who can't get on Kickstarter and think the alternatives suck, the lockitron guys open sourced their self hosted crowdfunding platform, now available from github.
rails  ruby  RoR  tools  business  SelfStarter  funding  crowdsourcing  kickstarter  giithub  Lockitron  software  platform  hosting  self  crowdfunding  opensource  Delicious 
november 2012 by asteroza
NFC adapter via the audio port for iPhones.
kickstarter  devices  electronics  hardware  adapter  writer  reader  NFC  jack  audio  iPad  iPhone  FloJack  Flomio  Delicious 
november 2012 by asteroza
QFO Labs, Inc.
Fairly high performance for the price. $150 gets you a 10 minute fly time quadcopter that can be flown via RF from a USB dongle, making it suitable for drone swarm research.
devices  electronics  hardware  research  swarm  drone  RC  MAC  helicopter  microcopter  quadcopter  nanoQ  kickstarter  Delicious 
november 2012 by asteroza
ACQUATICO - Online Ocean Exploration by 9th Sense Robotics — Kickstarter
9th Sense Robotics seems to be pushing for a wifi tethered RC sub. They mention solar power on the support buoy, but can you really gather enough juice to operate the sub and wifi, since it needs to fight wind drift and currents, while streaming HD video? If they can pull it off, this might become a toy for pleasure cruisers.
kickstarter  devices  electronics  hardware  tethered  exploration  remote  submarine  RC  ROV  wifi  AQUATICO  Delicious 
october 2012 by asteroza
Formlabs - High Resolution Desktop 3D Printer
Seems to use a BlueRay laser repurposed to harden (UV?) light sensitive resin, at $3K for the machine and $150/L of resin.
kickstarter  3D  printer  fabber  hardware  electronics  devices  stereolithogray  laser  resin  Delicious 
september 2012 by asteroza
Has some sort of mechanical docking mechanism built into the pocket/sleeve inside to connect and charge your phone (apparently device specific so you have to buy the right purse). The purse bag itself charges its battery via inductive charging (Qi?) it seems.
purse  battery  recharger  charger  cellphone  phone  mobile  portable  Everpurse  kickstarter  Delicious 
september 2012 by asteroza
A marketplace for stuff from kickstarter projects that are now being sold normally.
ordering  order  marketplace  shopping  online  item  product  project  sucessful  kickstarter  crowdfunding  gift  Delicious 
september 2012 by asteroza
ThingsWeStart: a Kickstarter Map
Visual mapping of Kickstarter projects on a US map
map  service  mapping  location  project  kickstarter  Delicious 
september 2012 by asteroza
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