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Modlab » Archive » Underactuated Rotor for Simple Micro Air Vehicles
This appears to be a reimplementation the keyence revolutor mechanism for swashplateless rotor blade pitch control via motor pulse shifting.
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december 2014 by asteroza
Robotic pen assembly demo at Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo
Getting closer to replacing humans on manufacturing lines, which in the modern case is largely a human doing picker/placement movements using parts from storage boxes surrounding the human. If the picker boxes are delivered by robot trucks, then the next step is the picker action itself. Though for possibly simpler setup, you would be limited to human torso/arm analogs as that would allow simple human waldo training/recording.
japan  keyence  multipurpose  general  robot  arm  automated  manufacturing  production  prototype  robotics  Delicious 
july 2010 by asteroza

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