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Broadband lightweight flat lenses for long-wave infrared imaging | PNAS
Interesting, a nearly flat minilens (microlens?)array that covers visible and long wave IR. Called a MDL (multilevel diffractive lens)
optics  research  technology  visible  long  wave  IR  LWIR  thin  film  microlens  array  flat  materials  science  polymer  multilevel  diffractive  lens 
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Near-infrared–to–visible highly selective thermal emitters based on an intrinsic...
New work on using nanorods for a wide frequency converter, to effectively change a solar cell's efficiency by converting waste spectrum into usable spectrum
photonic  resonance  nanorod  frequency  converter  IR  visible  materials  science  research  technology  selective  emitter  Delicious 
january 2017 by asteroza
OSA | Total absorption of visible light in ultrathin weakly absorbing semiconductor gratings
Conventional semiconductor gratings can absorb IR much more than thought by adjusting grating size. Looks applicable to nightvision and other optics (solar thermal?)
NIR  IR  visible  light  absorption  semiconductor  grating  materials  science  optics  research  technology  Delicious 
may 2016 by asteroza
New PV Cell Generates Electricity From UV, Visible, Infrared Lights -- Tech-On!
New single junction wide spectrum solar cell using manganese doped gallium nitride. Low efficiency but high voltage, room for improvement.
japan  solar  cell  power  generator  materials  science  UV  visible  IR  light  single  junction  gallium  nitride  doping  transition  metal  manganese  semiconductor  research  technology  photovoltaic  PV  Delicious 
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