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DOJ reverses no-recording policy for interrogations
So the FBI will now properly record interrogations (assuming no mic failures...) so a defendant arguably has an unbiased account of conversations available. Previously, only what LE/FBI wrote down on form 302 was considered "the truth" and contradicting it could set you up with perjury or worse, and there would be no evidence of LE threatening you. There is optional "encouragement" to record investigative interviews when someone is not yet under arrest, and by optional I mean no LE will by default do so. Better than nothing though...
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may 2014 by asteroza
Catch Cheating Spouses with FlexiSPY - Spy Phone, GPS Tracker, Location Tracking, Remote Listening for Mobile / Cell Phones
Interesting to note that this appears limited to "global" phones. The Japanese Galapagos ecosystem of cellphones makes this much harder for people who are not local.
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june 2010 by asteroza
Guidance Software, Inc. - Guidance Software Opens Up Exciting New Possibilities in Data Acquisition with Groundbreaking EnCase(R) Portable Solution
Allowing untrained law enforcement to easily perform forensic computer investigations? All from the convenience of a portable USB stick? I don't want some county mountie fishing through my computer thank you very much...
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july 2009 by asteroza

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