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Adaptive Fiber Array Technology | Optonicus
DARPA Excalibur laser program using these fiber laser modules, which have neat beam steering properties
DARPA  excalibur  intelligent  fiber  array  adaptive  optics  laser  module  research  technology  beam  steering  collimator  coherent  Delicious 
january 2015 by asteroza
lightRadio: Evolve your wireless broadband network | Alcatel-Lucent
More work on intelligent baseband networks that offload baseband to a datacenter.
cell  small  cellular  network  baseband  smart  intelligent  lightRadio  Delicious 
march 2012 by asteroza
About - Illuminating Concepts
Company pursuing advanced streetlight systems incorporating wifi mesh nodes, sensors, and display signage.
Intellistreets  intelligent  streetlight  lamppost  light  wireless  remote  control  smartgrid  wifi  mesh  network  node  civic  city  system  monitoring  sensor  digital  signage  sign  Delicious 
september 2011 by asteroza
A Material with Electrically Tunable Strength and Flow Stress
Using an acid to etch channels in the structure of a metal, you can pour in a liquid conductor and fire an electric field into the metal to tweak it's properties.
metal  strength  hardness  ductility  live  variable  control  materials  science  research  tehcnology  electric  field  suface  treatment  intelligent  smartmatter  Delicious 
june 2011 by asteroza
Jennic Wireless Microcontrollers | Products | Protocol Stacks | JenNet-IP
NXP is opensourcing the JenNet-IP stack for controlling GreenChip equipped LED lights remotely via an IP network (IPv6?). Trying to force a defacto standard in home automation by increasing the install base of nodes of a particular protocol?
NXP  JenNet-IP  802.15.4  mesh  network  low  power  embedded  building  automation  residential  commercial  industrial  remote  control  intelligent  system  smarthome  lighting  opensource  protocol  GreenChip  Delicious 
may 2011 by asteroza
Daiwa to Sell Residences With Li-ion Batteries in Japan -- Tech-On!
A step in the right direction, doing distributed grid energy storage. The corporate angle being the cost of storage is offloaded to the consumer directly rather than the power utility. But, they still want to open the damn windows, and japanese people will culturally oblige. How about a thermal energy store below the house instead.
japan  ecohome  smarthome  intelligent  home  house  HEMS  energy  management  system  solar  PV  storage  lithium  battery  Delicious 
july 2010 by asteroza
Greener Gadgets | eMetric | Jason Deperro
pushing the smart grid intelligence from the meter down to the individual powerstrip/socket
green  wifi  grid  SMART  wireless  metrics  powerstrip  intelligent  meter  measurement  eMetric  Delicious 
february 2009 by asteroza

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2.4GHz  3com  802.15.4  4226T  adaptive  alternative  analysis  Android  ape  armor  array  automation  autonomous  baseband  battery  beam  biomimicry  bipedal  block  bluetooth  building  cargo  cases  cell  cellular  center  city  civic  cllphone  cloud  cluster  coherent  collection  collimator  commercial  computer  consumption  control  controls  DARPA  data  DataPac  Delicious  design  devices  digital  disk  distribution  drone  ductility  ecohome  electric  electricity  electronics  element  embedded  eMetric  Emprise  energy  environment  excalibur  exoskeleton  fastener  feedback  fiber  field  flexible  flight  forensics  fulfillment  generator  germany  goods  green  GreenChip  grid  GUI  guide  hard  hardness  hardware  HCI  healing  helicopter  HEMS  HexaBus  home  homescreen  house  howto  human  imaging  industrial  intelligent  Intellistreets  interface  ISE  iStruct  japan  JenNet-IP  Kiva  lamppost  laser  light  lighting  lightRadio  lithium  live  lock  locomotion  low  managed  management  MANDIANT  manual  materials  MAV  measurement  mechatronics  mesh  metal  meter  metrics  military  mobile  module  monitor  monitoring  monkey  multi  multiple  network  node  NXP  opensource  optics  pallet  parts  PC  Phenox  phone  picking  Plogg  plug  power  powerstrip  propulsion  protocol  PV  quadcopter  RAID  reference  remote  repair  replenishment  research  residential  response  robot  robotics  rover  SAN  science  screen  security  self  sensor  shelf  sign  signage  small  smart  smartgrid  smarthome  smartmatter  SmartSwitch  software  solar  space  spine  startup  steering  storage  streetlight  strength  structure  suface  supply  switch  system  technology  tehcnology  tracking  treatment  tutorial  UAV  UI  user  utility  variable  vehicles  walking  warehouse  waste  web  wifi  wireless  Xiotech  zigbee 

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