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Foodtech | Induction Food Systems | United States
Similar to microwave based on-demand water heaters, this uses a heating element suspended in a pipe, heated by an external induction coil. Useful for flash pasteurization and heat processing of liquids and liquefied foods. Apparently less energy consuming compared to steam pasteurization.
food  manufacturing  processing  pasteurization  inductive  heating 
june 2019 by asteroza
Turns out ocean surface layer humidity made this not work as a rain maker, but the interesting takeaway is the inductively charged electrospray method for generating fine water droplets. "The device consists of an anodized titanium spring half-embedded lengthwise in a rubber block, with the fluid passing through the spring so that the gaps between turns of the spring form spray nozzles. The diameter of these nozzles can be collectively adjusted by stretching the spring and its rubber matrix . Insulated conductors at high voltage run alongside the spring, and the droplets are thus charged by induction as they pass by the wires, resulting in a finer spray and better dispersion as well as making the droplets attract neutrally charged particles such as particulate pollution. The droplet size is also controlled by a ~1MHz ultrasonic input." This can be used for things like trying to capture airborne particulates in smoggy areas. By the "Salter's Duck" wave power generator dude too.
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january 2014 by asteroza
Rezence™ Wireless Power, Wireless Charging Standard | A4WP
Rezence now has resonant mode (A4WP) and inductive mode specs now, the inductive mode being PMA (so in theory very similar to QI with possible dual mode Qi/PMA). So the ideal final receiver would be a Rezence tri-mode chip and coil setup.
Rezence  A4WP  wireless  charging  recharging  specification  standard  magentic  resonance  resonant  induction  inductive  PMA  energy  Delicious 
december 2013 by asteroza
ACT-RPR-NPS-1107-NTER-paper-final - ACT-RPR-PRO-1107-LS-NTER.pdf
NTER, a nuclear thermal electric rocket design. Uses LH2 propellant to cool a helium brayton cycle turbine fed by a NTR that heats hydrogen and helium, then tries to supercharge the supersonic nozzle exhaust with an induction loop (which seems to require cesium seeding in the exhaust??). Also has optional oxygen feed, to emulate LANTRN. Seems like you could do better with the NTR feeding a VASIMR though...
cycle  technology  turbine  thermal  electric  induction  acceleration  LH2  space  ESA  research  propulsion  brayton  nuclear  LANTRN  rocket  loop  generator  power  helium  NETR  LOx  augmented  nozzle  MHD  Delicious  aerojet  NTR  NERVA  bimodal  thrust  heating  turboinductor  turbo-inductor  NTER  supercharger  turbocharger  augmentation  heater  resistance  ohmic  inductive 
september 2013 by asteroza
Press Release, A. James Clark School of Engineering, University of Maryland
Interesting research into using small magnetic fields for formation flight, plus a secondary thing to try wireless power transmission to recharge mag field formation fliers.
SPHERES  resonant  transfer  technology  ISS  WPT  RINGS  space  research  transmission  propulsion  inductive  field  flying  wireless  system  near  electromagnetic  NASA  power  propellantless  generation  EMFF  formation  Delicious 
august 2013 by asteroza
Wireless Power by IDT and Intel
IDT is now making wireless recharger IC chips incorporating Intel WCT stuff, and nominally also supporting Qi.
IDT  intel  WCT  magnetic  resonance  inductive  charging  recharging  wireless  technology  IC  chip  charger  recharger  hardware  electronics  devices  Qi  Delicious 
august 2012 by asteroza
Wireless charging mats and receivers for your iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry and other devices | Powermat
Nice, but not part of the Qi wireless power consortium standard. But, apparently GM will be putting powermat surfaces in the Volt, so the volume production there solves the "chicken&egg" issue. But Qi has many mobile phone manufacturers behind it, so it will be a hard fight. Now they will be doing a joint venture with Duracell too.
Powermat  inductive  charger  rechager  wireless  power  transfer  transmission  hardware  electronics  devices  iPhone  Duracell  Delicious 
january 2011 by asteroza

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