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Taking urban transport to the NXT level – a new concept from Scania | Scania Group
They had a the interesting idea of moving from a skateboard underbody chassis for an electric vehicle, to dual independent axle modules that resembles those hoverboard toys. Not clear if the modular body houses the main battery pack or not.
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So Son's saying what a lot of people have been talking about for a long time now, but he makes for a good spokesman. 4GW offshore HVDC supergrid intertie in the sea of japan, pan-asia links similar to DESERTEC, independent ISO/TSO to break the stranghold of regional oligopolies in japan and have fair feed-in tariff structures without wasted energy. No calls for grid energy storage though, though if a true supergrid is operating, it can be reduced or eliminated if the timezone spread is far enough. Also trotting out the national energy security horse too.
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