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Innovation Energy's portable PEM fuel cell using a metal hydride based hydrogen storage container rather than methanol and a reformer. Wonder why Apple is dealing with these guys...
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july 2014 by asteroza
New high energetic composite propellants for space applications : Refridgerated Solid Propellant (RSP)
The next step from a hybrid rocket featuring HTP and alane, is mixing and freezing the damn thing to make a single monolithic solid rocket.
cryogenic  refridgerated  solid  proellant  space  propulsion  rocket  research  technology  materials  science  H2O2  hydrogen  peroxide  HTP  polymer  aluminum  alane  metal  hydride  Hydroxalane  polyethylene  polybutadiene  water  H20  Delicious 
may 2014 by asteroza
Towards a ‘proton flow battery’: Investigation of a reversible PEM fuel cell with integrated metal-hydride hydrogen storage
Now that's smart, integrating a metal hydride hydrogen sponge as an electrode in a PEM fuel cell to skip a step. Though it turns the setup essentially into a closed cycle battery, fixed to the capacity of the metal hydride electrode's internal storage capacity, hence the "battery" nomenclature.
metal  hydride  electrode  PEM  fuelcell  integrated  hydrogen  storage  materials  science  research  technology  proton  flow  battery  energy  Delicious 
february 2014 by asteroza
ATK PowerPoint Template - White Internal Use - 315856main_ATK_Uzhinsky.pdf
Interesting energy storage system cycle, using a SOFC fuelcell microturbine, hydrogen peroxide, magnesium hydride, and external solar power
space  power  generator  energy  storage  research  technology  SOFC  fuelcell  hydrogen  peroxidie  H2O2  MgH2  magnesium  hydride  steam  oxygen  microturbine  Delicious 
january 2014 by asteroza
McPhy Energy - Energy storage - The McPhy technology
Interesting use of of a container with mix of PCM thermal storage materials and metal hydride hydrogen storage materials in one container.
McPhy  solid  state  metal  hydride  hydrogen  storage  adiabatic  PCM  thermal  hybrid  system  green  energy  Delicious 
may 2010 by asteroza
Next Big Future: Direct conversion of radiation into electricity using carbon nanotubes and a separate new approach to thermoelectrics
A direct nuclear radiation to electricity conversion cycle, using tiles covered in gold, and filled with a carbon nanotube and lithium hydride matrix. I think the carbon nanotubes are the conductors, I think.
direct  nuclear  radiation  electricity  conversion  cycle  gold  lithium  hydride  carbon  nanotube  tile  power  generator  green  energy  Delicious 
april 2009 by asteroza
LLNL spinoff working on a nanotube based energy converter, taking any stream of charged particles (so not actually nuclear source limited). and seems to be a beta/gamma radiation decay power converter?
nuclear  power  generator  direct  radiation  electricity  conversion  converter  gold  lithium  hydride  carbon  nanotube  tile  alternative  thermoelectric  materials  research  technology  radioisotope 
march 2008 by asteroza

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