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SQUID Carrier Board™ Family PCI Express Gen 3 Carrier Board for 6 M.2
New version at full height with 6 M.2 SSD's. Technically exceeding the host x16 uplink capacity
full  height  PCI-e  M.2  adapter  card  hardware  electronics  devices 
may 2019 by asteroza
Intel to Support 128GB of DDR4 on Core 9th Gen Desktop Processors
WTF, double height DDR4? Considering most desktop motherboards have the RAM crosswise to airflow, it will become a cooling air blocker!
double  height  DDR4  RAM  memory  UDIMM  hardware  electronics  devices 
october 2018 by asteroza
Australia's Water Curtain Stop Signs Are A Great Idea
Giant stop sign is giant, but really requires good positioning to not blind a driver. That, and proper drainage to not freeze...
low  height  tunnel  bridge  warning  water  curtain  projected  image  stop  sign  signage  Delicious 
february 2017 by asteroza
3U PCIe Gen3 expansion chassis. Uses internal PCIe switches and up to 4 x16 uplinks, so at full loadout, every 2 cards share a x16 path to the parent host, so it isn't what you would call 1:1 though. Good enough if you just need raw card numbers or physical space though.
flash  host  expansion  hardware  width  3U  GPGPU  double  accelerator  chassis  height  full  rackmount  Gen3  length  PCIe  x16  card  devices  GPU  PCIexpress  electronics  Delicious 
may 2013 by asteroza
Mac Array - High Performance Internal SSD RAID Array for Mac Pro
Hrm, not a bad looking quad SSD array as a PCIexpress card, admittedly full length (but really only single width?!?) that seems to use conventional SSD's. Possibility to upgrade to larger disks? Also, not a horrible option for 1U servers...
Apricorn  Mac  array  PICe  PCIexpress  full  length  height  card  x4  RAID  SSD  flash  memory  hard  drive  hardware  electronics  devices  storage  Delicious 
november 2010 by asteroza

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