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ClamAV exploit. This will not end well, considering this is used in a bunch of "security" gateways and servers as a first line of defense (as a general filter)...
ClamAV  antivirus  exploit  security  hacking  pentestng 
17 days ago by asteroza
NTFS partition bug
Looks like NTFS has a partition bug that when mounting currently causes a BSOD on 7/10. Microsoft claims WONTFIX, so there may be some value in poking at this some more
NTFS  bug  BSOD  windows  7  10  security  hacking  pentesting  partition  mounting  error 
22 days ago by asteroza
taviso/cefdebug: Minimal code to connect to a CEF debugger.
electron/CEF sometimes gets shipped with debugger enabled despite being a release build. Sometimes is wayyyy too often. This checks if a particular electron has the debugger enabled...
electron  debugger  presence  tester  checker  softwaree  sysadmin  security  tools  utilities  hacking  pentesting 
5 weeks ago by asteroza
Other interesting files you should have a look:
security  hacking  pentesting  local  file  intrusion 
5 weeks ago by asteroza
KNOB Attack
The spec allowed 1 byte of entropy?!? What the hell were they smoking?
bluetooth  vulnerability  low  entropy  session  key  security  hacking  pentesting 
august 2019 by asteroza
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