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Notion – Docs, Wikis, Tasks. Seamlessly in one.
Apparently good for managing product roadmaps and feature requests?
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november 2017 by asteroza
Interesting service to enhance classical email mailing lists with thread level muting/subscription tools and message preprocessing webhooks to do stuff before the email gets pushed out.
email  collaboration  groupware  mailing  list  service  webhook  preprocessing  tools  project  management  team  group  Delicious 
april 2014 by asteroza
Exchange Online - Hosted Email, Calendars & Contacts | Microsoft BPOS
Apparently Microsoft themselves do a hosted Exchange service for a monthly per user fee, which isn't shabby.
microsoft  online  hosted  exchange  email  groupware  server  service  Delicious 
february 2011 by asteroza
Akibot: Artificial + Collective Intelligence Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise
For specific terminology, having a bot analyze an enterprise messaging stream to input stuff into CRM/knowledge base/calendar/groupware systems as a concept has legs. Making actually do that, well that's probably the hard part.
akibot  enterprise  collaboration  software  message  analysis  semantic  content  retrieval  classification  microblogging  messaging  platform  social  groupware  AI  data  information  mining  collective  intelligence  Delicious 
august 2009 by asteroza

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