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Argonne technology puts solar power to work all night long | Argonne National La...
Graphite foam pores holding phase change salt for thermal storage improve thermal transfer for thermal storage. For steam turbine linkage, use magnesium chloride, for higher temperature SCO2 turbines use sodium chloride.
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october 2016 by asteroza
Steam from the sun
So at 10x solar concentration, the surface cover composite sheet composed of the graphite flake thermal absorber/boiler coupled to an underlying buoyant porous carbon air foam, creates steam pretty well. I assume the insulating factor of the carbon air foam reflects more heat into the boiler region to improve efficiency, rather than letting heat travel through and warm the bulk water.
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july 2014 by asteroza
Microwave Weaponry, High Power (HPM) - HPM capabilities, HPM uses
Interesting anecdote about using carbon graphite coils as part of of a high powered microwave weapon. Though it claims they generate the EMP, so is it a single shot pulsed power supply then?
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october 2012 by asteroza
Room Temperature Superconductivity Found in Graphite Grains - Technology Review
Unfortunately, this can not be used as a bulk material, but there's definitely a surface effect of some kind at the grain boundaries.
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september 2012 by asteroza
Radiator Graphite-Foam.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Interesting concept for using airfoil pressure differential to force air through a heat exchanger embedded in the rear third of an airfoil, while having low frontal drag area. As noted in the PDF, for vehicle applications there will still be a need for an auxiliary fan when stopped, which likely means the airfoil will still be in the engine bay or embedded in the hood to utilize the forced air fan.
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may 2011 by asteroza
Molten-salt based accelerator-driven subcritical reactor
Woah! The energy costs for the proton accelerator have dropped a lot, so a subcritical reactor can be made critical by the neutrons from the accelerator at acceptable efficiencies. It's the conceptual equivalent of slapping a turbocharger on a net negative engine to turn it positive. If it requires a superconducting accelerator, you could make the argument for a superconducting generator on the turbine generator, which would lead to an argument for an on-site ASU to supply LN2...
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april 2010 by asteroza
100202.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Kaneka has been busy with graphite based thermally conductive yet electrically insulating plastics, with one type getting 300% performance over copper for thermal conductivity (though it's not obvious if the 300% material is electrically insulating)
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march 2010 by asteroza
0314.pdf (application/pdf Object)
I wonder how graphite flouride batteries compare to the molten liquid electrode battery research?
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february 2010 by asteroza

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