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Media - News - UK team trials new ultra-endurance air vehicle - University of the Highlands and Islands
Similar to Slocum gliders, but use buoyancy in air. But considering the medium, won't you need bigger wings? I seem to remember a passenger craft concept that was similar, with a catamaran body, a large wing, and a centered over-wing engine cluster, called GravityPlane.
variable  buoyancy  airship  hybrid  glider  aerodyne  vehicle  transportation  research  UAV  drone  blimp  HAPS 
april 2019 by asteroza
Rocket recycling – catching rocket stages after launch
Huh, catching a winged first stage booster rocket by the nose, air towing to a landing site, then releasing it again so it can glide to land. Avoids boost-back for recovery (more fuel for main flight), doesn't require a landing site forward in the ground track for the booster either. Catch-and-release, like a big mouth billy bass...
DLR  germany  europe  EU  air  capture  tow  towed  glider  gliding  booster  rocket  space  recovery  research  technology 
march 2019 by asteroza
StratoSail Balloon Guidance System - Global Aerospace Corporation
Using a glider/kite anchor to exploit differences in wind direction/strength at high altitude to provide directional control for balloons
stratospheric  balloon  directional  control  anchor  kite  glider  aerospace  aviation  research  technology  Delicious 
december 2016 by asteroza
Sunbirds | Home
Multi-day solar drone. Wonder if this has thermal updraft flight capability to augment endurance?
solar  electric  UAV  drone  glider  soaring  hardware  electronics  devices  Delicious 
september 2016 by asteroza
Wave Foil Developments
Basically wave glider parts mounted on the bow of a commercial ship. Sure, it probably works at reducing drag/increasing performance, but how would you deal with the draft increase? Retractable foil?
marine  architecture  ship  design  hydrodynamics  seakeeping  bow  foil  wave  glider  Delicious 
june 2015 by asteroza
Perlan Project
Crazy dude want to surf stratospheric mountain pressure waves and the polar vortex to fling his pressurized glider to over 90,000 feet! Which just so happens to be similar to Mars, so any research results may be applicable to NASA martian aerial exploration...
high  altitude  pressurized  glider  aircraft  vehicle  transportation  research  Delicious 
january 2012 by asteroza
Liquid Robotics —
Different from those submarine slocum gliders (AKA Iron Albatrosses), this one uses an underwater wing to rectify wave motion to provide propulsion.
biomimicry  USV  robot  robotics  unmanned  surface  vehicle  ocean  marine  sensor  platform  monitoring  surveillance  ship  boat  wave  glider  propulsion  Delicious 
june 2011 by asteroza

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