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Helm | Encrypted Email, Contacts, Calendar and Files
The basic value proposition is a on-premises private email server with an externally trusted SMTP gateway, plus the usual groupware stuff. But how much is really under control, and how much are you the product?
private  email  server  SMTP  gateway  service 
6 days ago by asteroza
100% Serverless Asynchronous API with APIG, SQS and Lambda
Using AWS SQS as a kafka alternative for async processing with an API gateway frontend
async  servereless  lambda  AWS  SQS  message  queue  API  gateway 
june 2019 by asteroza
drk1wi/Modlishka: Modlishka. Reverse Proxy. Phishing NG.
Proving that almost all 2FA can be weak to phishing. Client certs are the last bastion of hope?
phishing  reverse  proxy  gateway  MitM  2FA  security  hacking  pentesting 
january 2019 by asteroza
NINJA WiFi - WiFi Router Rental Service in Japan
Cute hardware, practical for travelers who don't want a SIM card or have a lot of devices with wifi needs
japan  rental  portable  cellular  wifi  router  gateway  AP  hardware  devices  travel  electronics 
november 2017 by asteroza
Spectrum 2
Some sort of super IM transport/translation gateway, and uses XMPP for itself. Has android client. I think the idea is you run your own clients and a home spectrum 2 server, which does the bridging to the real world in whatever format.
XMPP  IM  instant  message  chat  translation  bridge  gateway  server  client  software  communication 
september 2017 by asteroza
Event Gateway - The Missing Piece of Serverless Architectures
bridging serverless between clouds, but the important part is the evolution of API gateways to a hybrid approach, combining traditional serverless API(RPC?) gateway functionality with PubSub systems for a true streaming event model. Everything is an Event, route it, process it, then spit out an output.
serverless  event  gateway  multicloud  cloud  bridge  FaaS  pubsub  streaming 
august 2017 by asteroza
trailofbits/algo: 1-click IPSEC VPN in the Cloud
simplified IPSEC VPN gateway software for a one-click relay deployment. grugq approved
IPSEC  VPN  gateway  software  security  server  Delicious 
august 2016 by asteroza
U2opia Mobile
Another dumbphone information gateway service, using an underlying phone protocol USSD, similar to SMS.
SMS  USSD  GSM  text  data  mobile  information  gateway  dumbphone  service  services  Delicious 
june 2014 by asteroza
Cloud Security | Dome9
Interesting firewall service/appliance, for restricting conventional server access.
remote  relay  gateway  provider  PaaS  service  control  access  security  firewall  cloud  israel  Dome9  Delicious 
august 2012 by asteroza
inReach for Smartphones - DeLorme
Interesting little device, basically a text message only Iridium gateway device paired to smartphones. Offloads the obnoxious part of satellite telephone rigs (which tend to be large due to the antenna and/or are battery hogs).
DeLorme  Iridium  bluetooth  text  SMS  SOS  message  gateway  hardware  electronics  devices  outdoor  survival  gear  location  GPS  tracking  satellite  communication  Delicious 
may 2012 by asteroza
Amazon Web Services Blog: The AWS Storage Gateway - Integrate Your Existing On-Premises Applications with AWS Cloud Storage
This might be useful, but it requires a large amount of local storage for now. The upcoming cache version might be suitable if you have reasonably fast local storage for the cache disk (SSD? SAN based even?), as an implementation of the long range monster iSCSI concept for operations. Better have a fast connection though...
AWS  amazon  EC2  S3  EBS  storage  gateway  VMware  VM  appliance  iSCSI  Delicious 
february 2012 by asteroza
PdaNet -- USB Tether/Bluetooth DUN for Android
A free, rootless app for doing bluetooth tethering via an android phone. Well, apparently it is free with no usage restrictions (SSL is usable) if you are outside the US/Canada
PDAnet  USB  bluetooth  DUN  remote  tether  tethering  Android  app  software  rootless  modem  internet  gateway  mobile  phone  Delicious 
june 2011 by asteroza
ラインナップ・仕様 | b-mobile WiFi
Some new mobile router gateway using GSM/HSDPA/HSUPA, SIM lock free.
b-mobile  japan  mobile  router  gateway  wifi  3G  GSM  HSUPA  HSDPA  cellhpone  phone  wireless  accesspoint  hardware  electronics  devices  Delicious 
june 2010 by asteroza
Somebody packaged up a nice little VM that's a swiss army knife of proxies and whatnot, to help activists in troubled countries. The intended audience being Iranians during their problematic elections. The actual end user who deploys the VM is usually somebody in a democratic country with too much bandwidth, and not enough freeetime on their hands, who wants to help out their fellow man.
proxybox  packaged  virtual  machine  VM  proxy  gateway  tunnel  exit  software  internet  privacy  anonymity  censorship  Delicious 
june 2009 by asteroza
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