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Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 194802 (2015) - Multi-MeV Electron Acceleration by Subterawatt Laser Pulses
So they are using a lesser plasma to be a gain medium for a laser, to make a more laser, to make a stronger plasma wakefield, for a particle accelerator. Rather than starting out with a really powerful laser. Implies tabletop accelerator may be easier now.
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november 2015 by asteroza
ttengines - clean air turbine technology
So, um, I think this is basically multiple valveless pulsejets driving an impulse turbine, right? I suppose since it's valveless, there are pressure and shock wave related reasons why you may not want higher pressures in the combustion chamber. Also, you can't use a downstream turbocharger since that would increase backpressure of the main turbine, so the blower must be powered by the main turbine (mechanically or electrically driven?)
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