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Integrated Space Analytics
The updated version of the integrated space plan made famous by Rockwell
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12 weeks ago by asteroza
Send a Message to the Future (Digital Time Capsule)
Not sure if a joke or not, but funny none-the-less. Assumes a future quantum computer can break the classical encryption of the messages and somebody will pay for it though...
digital  time  capsule  future  message 
september 2017 by asteroza
Meta Perception: Human Interface
I sort of like this. Embedded AR video and audio projectors sense user gesture actions to determine desired activity, then project video and sound onto existing surfaces for a person to interact with. Pick up a banana and stick it by your ear and mouth, and the system will think you are trying to make a phone call (Banana Phone!), or you open an empty pizza box you are sitting in front of, and the system interprets that you need a computer terminal so a desktop and keyboard are projected. By applying the interfaces over existing objects, you reduce the need for interactive terminals, so this is a push towards sustainability, provided such a system is ubiquitous.
invoked  computing  AR  projector  parametric  narrow  beam  speaker  ubiquitous  UI  GUI  interface  sustainability  green  future  gesture  analysis  Delicious 
november 2011 by asteroza

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