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World's largest floating wind turbine nearly complete in Fukushima, Japan
Notice that it's being setup near the fukushima exclusion zone, so local fishing cooperatives can't NIMBY veto the installation.
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june 2015 by asteroza
Built on the site of a former school
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may 2015 by asteroza
Professor Yukio Hayakawa's Radiation Contour Map of the Fukushima I Nuke Plant Accident, Ver 7: "Contamination Seems to Coincide with Reactor Pressure Drop", Not with Explosions | EXSKF
Interesting radiation contour mapping work. Interesting commentary on time based changes in teh contour, heavily tying certain spreads to reactor pressure drops.
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august 2013 by asteroza
Fujitsu Turns Semiconductor Plant Into Vegetable Plant -- Tech-On!
Fujitsu already closed several semiconductor fabs in that town, shipping the manufacturing hardware to new fabs in china. One site was so heavily contaminated that they couldn't sell the property after razing the plant and doing remediation, so they got the prefecture to build a magnet school on the site. I assume this plant is one of the older fabs on the southwest side of town, but wasn't heavily contaminated. With a still usable clean room in an industrial park full of other fabs, it would have been hard to sell otherwise in such a depressed local economy.
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august 2013 by asteroza
Firms plan to build floating wind farm off Fukushima coast ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion
"experimental" means it will be a political mess. The only gain they have is probably locating it just off the coast from the reactor sites. Since there will few locals and fishermen to complain, and convenient transmission network access by colocating the power cable landing station with the reactor sites.
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february 2012 by asteroza
Japan plans floating wind farm near nuclear plant
METI is talking about offshore wind near the fukushima plant, since hardly anyone would be sane to fish near there anyways, removing the fisherman segment of the usual complainers. Using the nuclear plant as the landing station of the wind turbine array would make sense since a lot of power infrastructure is available and unused. This article seems to mention offshore floating turbines, but most other articles seems to specifically mention non-floating pile types.
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september 2011 by asteroza
Graphing Earthquake and Radiation Data in Japan
I wouldn't call this a real mashup, but someone has gone to the trouble of collating and graphing radiation and earthquake info into an easily understandable format. Why the hell doesn't the government/TEPCO do this, when some citizen can, instead of hiding and obscuring data in number heavy PDF's? Are they being deliberately obtuse to prevent easy information dissemination?
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march 2011 by asteroza

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