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p5.js | home
Trying to be a spiritual successor to the Processing java library, rather than a direct port or emulation
processing  javascript  information  visualization  framework  library  opensource  software  webdev 
26 days ago by asteroza
Privacy Framework | NIST
NIST working on a related analog of the Cybersecurity Framework, but for privacy
NIST  privacy  framework  risk  management  business  security 
november 2018 by asteroza
twitchtv/twirp: A simple RPC framework with protobuf service definitions
Alternative to gRPC, using whatever local HTTP client/server implementations exist rather than bringing in your own 10MB chunk of code to do that. Also behaves with HTTP 1.1 so cleanly goes through any load balancer...
web  HTTP  RPC  framework  protobuf  go  golang  gRPC  opensource  software 
november 2018 by asteroza
chainer/chainer: A flexible framework of neural networks for deep learning
By Preferred Networks, who apparently operate privately the 12th strongest supercomputer in japan for the purpose of AI research
japan  python  deep  machine  learning  framework 
may 2018 by asteroza
Blue team test framework to check their detection capabilities
attack  threat  simulation  MITRE  framework  software  python  security  hacking  pentesting  defense 
may 2018 by asteroza
riff is for functions
Pivitol is pushing out a open source FaaS alternative, originally developed as a way to run java microservices on the Spring framework
Riff  serverless  framework  FaaS  function  platform  microservice  kubernetes  docker  cloud 
april 2018 by asteroza
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