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Airbus inspired by nature to boost aircraft environmental performance - Commercial Aircraft - Airbus
fello’fly project is trying to work out wing tip wake eddy formation flying for aircraft, mimicing V formation and tandem formation migratory bird flying
aircraft  efficiency  biomimicry  wingtip  wake  field  eddy 
9 weeks ago by asteroza
Deploying a Sensor Network on an Active Volcano | USENIX
Never complain about doing field research if you can't do this.
humor  field  research 
10 weeks ago by asteroza
Exotic superconducting state lurks at an astonishingly high magnetic field
High magnetic field tolerant superconductivity? But currently only with a low temperature superconductor.
materials  science  research  technology  reentrant  superconductor  high  magnetic  field  uranium  telluride 
october 2019 by asteroza
A Plan to Stop Breaches With Dead Simple Database Encryption | WIRED
So the idea of field level E2E encryption for MongoDB gains legs, but I think the MongoDB security horse has already left the barn?
MongoDb  e2e  field  level  encryption  computer  science  research  technology 
june 2019 by asteroza - Home
Here's the startup commercializing the MRegen magnetic muscle stimulator
MRegen  muscle  stimulator  exercise  alternative  health  medicine  noninvasive  magnetic  field 
february 2019 by asteroza
Quantum Physicists Found a New, Safer Way to Navigate | WIRED
Quantum magnetometer showing strength and direction, mapped to know earth mag anomalies, as well as a quantum laser rate gyro that requires no drift resets.
quantum  sensor  navigation  magnetometer  earth  anomaly  field  mapping  laser  rate  gyro  diffraction  pattern  hardware  electronics  devices  research  technology 
november 2018 by asteroza
Apollo: Immersive illumination on the App Store
Using depth field information to alter 2D pictures with new light sources. Neat hack/demo of the dual camera system
iPhone  app  software  3D  depth  field  postprocessing  variable  light  source 
may 2018 by asteroza
RaspberryPi shield with far field mics for voice recognition, with a FPGA to accelerate things
RaspberryPi  shield  voice  recognition  far  field  microphone  array  FPGA  IoT  hardware  electronics  devices 
january 2018 by asteroza
ドローンフィールドKAWACHI -世界水準の開発環境を-
So somebody got smart and took over an earthquake damaged/closed school facility in Ibaraki and turned it into an authorized UAV drone flight facility, including a long run along the Tone river (assuming you can make a tight turn within the confines of the river) for a long range testing.
japan  ibaraki  UAV  drone  development  lab  flying  field  facility  testing 
january 2018 by asteroza
An Overview of Wide-Field-Of-View Optical Designs for Survey Telescopes
Interesting design presented, the reimaged cassegrain telescope, which has very wide field of view, but suffers from a lot of obscuration and needs ultimately 4 mirrors.
wide  field  optics  telescope  design  reimaged  cassegrain 
november 2017 by asteroza
Surprises of the Faraday Cage
Surprise, faraday cages don't work like we thought they did.
faraday  cage  physics  electronics  research  technology  electric  RF  field  Delicious 
september 2016 by asteroza
Simple Sabotage Field Manual by United States. Office of Strategic Services
WW2 OSS guide to simple sabotage, well suited for sabotaging businesses with little risk to the saboteur...
history  WW2  OSS  simple  sabotage  business  BOFH  field  manual  book  howto  guide  tutorial  reference  information  Delicious 
may 2016 by asteroza
Someone finally made a drone nest, AKA a portable remote use solar recharger hangar and comms relay. This would also be a matternet relay station.
dronebox  field  deployed  UAV  drone  nest  portable  solar  recharger  charger  hangar  base  box  hardware  electronics  devices  matternet  IoT  remote  Delicious 
february 2016 by asteroza
Polarized 3D - Achuta Kadambi - MIT Media Lab
Uses two 3D imaging techniques to offset the negatives of each technique, depth field and obliqueness, to gain increased resolution.
polarized  light  depth  field  high  resolution  3D  scanning  algorithm  machine  computer  vision  research  technology  Delicious 
december 2015 by asteroza
Long-Distance Transfer and Routing of Static Magnetic Fields
Using an alternating layers of ferromagnetics and superconductors, the researchers made a tube that can transport mag fields around.
magnetic  hose  long  distance  field  routing  transfer  physics  research  technology  superconductor.  Delicious  superconductor 
july 2014 by asteroza
CVPR 2014 3D Reconstruction from Accidental Motion
So sorta Lytro, in that it's basically interpolating to build the fake depth, and could get tricked by translucent/reflective surfaces or unexpected motion. Some of the tricks are apparently going into google's camera app for android 4.4 allegedly.
optics  computer  vision  camera  software  3D  reconstruction  shallow  depth  field  Delicious 
april 2014 by asteroza
ResolutionTube: Home
A business killer app for video calling (at least one way anyways), using AR overlays to assist field engineers and customers.
AR  field  support  video  call  calling  assistance  Delicious 
january 2014 by asteroza
Loop | Simplify, Organize and Use Your Phone to Pay
Hrm, this seems to use a magnetic field projection device to trick magstripe readers into thinking they just read a magstripe (the data of which is stored elsewhere). Which is fine if the reader doesn't have a physical card detection sensor as part of it's mechanism (which I imagine most don't if it's an exposed swipe reader as that only adds cost)
smart  credit  card  hardware  electronics  devices  smartphone  accessories  magnetic  field  projector  Delicious 
january 2014 by asteroza
ClearSign Combustion Corporation
Interesting combustor tech, that uses a high E field to manipulate flame ions, rather than trying to move to a plasma combustor and it's associated energy penalty. Marked as a means of normalizing the heat in a flame so you don't get hot spots that produce NOx or cold spots that have incomplete combustion.
ion  control  technology  electric  electrodynamic  shape  combustion  research  manipulation  combustor  flame  field  clean  voltage  high  burn  Delicious 
october 2013 by asteroza
Disney Research » Ishin-Den-Shin: Transmitting Sound Through Touch
Interesting, a physical contact type of telepathy almost. Unfortunately, the e-field can probably be picked up at a distance, if not the actual vibration occurring at the earlobe itself with a directional mic, so no anti-NSA gear for you.
field  touch  audio  sound  electrostatic  disney  transmission  research  modulated  Delicious 
october 2013 by asteroza
Press Release, A. James Clark School of Engineering, University of Maryland
Interesting research into using small magnetic fields for formation flight, plus a secondary thing to try wireless power transmission to recharge mag field formation fliers.
SPHERES  resonant  transfer  technology  ISS  WPT  RINGS  space  research  transmission  propulsion  inductive  field  flying  wireless  system  near  electromagnetic  NASA  power  propellantless  generation  EMFF  formation  Delicious 
august 2013 by asteroza
Seeing depth through a single lens | Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Figuring depth with a single lens/sensor by rapidly changing focus then working with the images algorithmically.
single  optics  moment  imaging  lens  inferred  depth  angle  algorithm  field  sensor  software  3D  light  lightfield  Delicious 
august 2013 by asteroza
- GestIC® Technology Design Center | Microchip Technology Inc.
Seems to detect movement within 6 inches of the antenna. So, something that moved really slowly, or stayed at a stable orientation, won't be detected, but it is good enough for basic gesture recognition. RF based, no cameras or ultrasound, suitable for embedded surfaces as an input source.
devices  electronics  hardware  UI  GUI  interface  user  gesture  sensor  field  electric  3D  GestIC  Delicious 
november 2012 by asteroza
QBotix - Solar Powered by Robotics
Strange concept of a robot arm on what is essentially a cheap agricultural monorail track going around adjusting the tracking axis of solar panels in a solar panel field. The idea is the cost of the robot+monorail track+robot battery charge is cheaper than having tracking motors+electronics+power for every panel in a field, assuming the robot can service all the panels in a field in a timely manner.
QBotix  solar  power  generator  tracker  field  tracking  axis  adjustment  railroad  monorail  robot  arm  hardware  electronics  devices  Delicious 
september 2012 by asteroza
NASA - A Plasma Aerocapture and Entry System for Manned Missions and Planetary Deep Space Orbiters
Nice research into near massless plasma shell reentry heat shields. No mention of how the RMF is made though, though there was talk of needing a superconducting loop in the past.
NASA  plasma  magnetoshell  magnetic  aerocapture  atmospheric  braking  decelerator  reentry  entry  shield  heatshield  heat  insulation  technology  research  space  propulsion  rotating  field  RMF  Delicious 
september 2012 by asteroza
Photovoltaics from Any Semiconductor « Berkeley Lab News Center
New technique allows solar cells made from inexpensive semiconductors without doping, only electrode/gate deposition steps. See also
low  cost  semiconductor  photovoltaic  PV  solar  cell  materials  science  research  technology  green  energy  SFPV  field  effect  Delicious 
august 2012 by asteroza
Light Field camera | Lytro
If this doesn't make the big camera makers go into M&A mode, they might be in trouble.
light  field  camera  sensor  Lytro  postprocessing  focus  photography  image  picture  photo  analysis  Delicious 
june 2011 by asteroza
Your Apple iMac may soon be wirelessly charging iPods, iPhones and iPads » Unwired View
NFMR is interesting, but will this use the Qi protocol for negotiating the power levels? Plus, if you go this far, might as well do wireless USB since that is the same approximate range.
NFMR  near  field  magnetic  resonance  medium  range  wireless  power  transmitter  receiver  patent  technology  transfer  Apple  Delicious 
june 2011 by asteroza
A Material with Electrically Tunable Strength and Flow Stress
Using an acid to etch channels in the structure of a metal, you can pour in a liquid conductor and fire an electric field into the metal to tweak it's properties.
metal  strength  hardness  ductility  live  variable  control  materials  science  research  tehcnology  electric  field  suface  treatment  intelligent  smartmatter  Delicious 
june 2011 by asteroza
Carnival of Space 178 - traversing wormholes and super magnetic fields
Nuclear pumped high magnetic field spacetime fabric warping wormhole generator as a means for FTL? Also, it's cute that the wormhole would have to be traversed by conventional propulsion. I suppose that means anyone who is cool with an Orion drive is cool with WHIPIT as well...
whip  WHIPIT  wormhole  induction  propulsion  high  strength  magnetic  field  space  spacecraft  design  physics  FTL  research  Delicious 
november 2010 by asteroza
New Hybrid Field Motor Uses Less Rare Earth Material -- Tech-On!
Trying to get some of the features of a permanent magnet motor with less rare earth metals used, the japanese come up with a newer hybrid type motor, which uses a moldable soft magnetic composite to make a complex shaped permanent magnet for improved performance.
hybrid  field  electric  motor  soft  magnetic  composite  moldable  magnet  3D  shape  manufacturing  permanent  electromagnet  Delicious 
april 2010 by asteroza
A New Charging Method Could Greatly Reduce Battery Recharge Times
This reminds me of a piece of hardware sold to sailboat enthusiasts to recondition their battery by sending high frequency waves through a DC battery to help with the electrodes. I wonder if it's related?
oscillating  electric  field  battery  charging  technique  materials  science  chemistry  physics  research  technology  Delicious 
march 2010 by asteroza
Electric Field Could Improve Hydrogen Storage Systems
Using a external electric field to align a storage material and hydrogen to get better storage densities. Makes sense in a way, similar to lining up dry spaghetti to pass through a mesh, compared to wet spaghetti that would have trouble passing through a mesh.
electric  field  induced  high  performance  hydrogen  storage  green  energy  Delicious 
february 2010 by asteroza
Tunable Electromagnetic Gateway : Light and Electromagnetics Blocked but Corridor is Filled with Air
I wonder if this could be used as a kind of magnetic field barrier that is porous to liquid nitrogen to cool a superconducting magnet or coaxial superconducting wire to cut down or contain the magnetic field which can be harmful to high temperature superconductor operations?
tunable  electromagnetic  bandgap  electric  magnetic  field  block  filter  shield  air  gas  liquid  porous  material  science  research  technology  Delicious 
august 2009 by asteroza
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