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Sorta builds a social media newspaper about you, from entered/registered/inferred sources. Unfortunately, it's a usability trainwreck. But, I can see why some people think this has value (those would be the same people who both don't use RSS feeds, and dislike subtitled movies...). Ultimately, they are trying to do something like Flipboard on a computer, but that precisely fails because there is no touch interface on most PC's.
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august 2012 by asteroza
Little Printer | BERG Cloud
Cute repurposing of portable thermal printers as a concept so physical social media streams. Could make greater comment on user generated content if it was printing on toilet paper though.
small  form  factor  inkless  thermal  printer  wifi  RSS  social  media  news  feed  printing  alternative  nabaztag  Delicious 
november 2011 by asteroza

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