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Facial recognition used to analyze students' classroom behaviors - People's Daily Online
So, if this was genuinely detecting disinterest and confusion emotions, then this would be a effective means of improving education methods and teacher styles via direct feedback, but since this is also being used for surveillance as well...
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RISR – Take the Step to a Better You
Interesting device for assisting in interpersonal interactions. The vest basically has vibration motors at key points on the body to give cues about what postures/gestures/orientations you should be taking. It also seems to have an IR camera located near the collar bone junction just below your neck for scanning the orientation and reactions of people facing you. Since it works with a social interaction calculation engine on your phone, I guess what this means is the device is some sort of bluetooth composite device, with the IR video transmitted to the phone for analysis of body orientation and facial expressions, then feeding back to the vest motor commands to give you gesture/posture cues.
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