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ESR epic rant leads to open source UPS project
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march 2018 by asteroza
Green Revolution Cooling
Direct full server mineral oil immersion cooling is now possible with appropriate power supplies and SSD hard disks (rotating hard disks are actually air breathing). These guys are packing it as a 42U rack lying on it's back to allow easier single server removal, though frankly that would make a hell of a mess and it would be better to go with monolithic sealed units that fail in place...
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march 2010 by asteroza
ServerSky - Server Sky
Taking a page from space activists, there is a proposal to place large scale datacenters in orbit as a distributed network of satellites, similar to a beefed up Iridium/Globalstar/IMARsat network where large numbers of servers live in the satellite as a server cluster which is itself part of a cluster node network in orbit, possibly with laser crosslinks. Latency issues will probably force the datacenter satellites into LEO/MEO rather than HEO/GEO. There is a roundabout possibility of using space solar power satellites in GEO (or push comes to shove ground stations) to fire laser/microwaves at the datacenter satellites to provide external power. Considering the overall movement towards wireless networks and ubiquitous computing, in may be in the world's best interest to migrate towards this kind of architecture.
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october 2009 by asteroza
Verne Global
For the europeans, this may actually be a viable option when carbon accounting for power must be taken into account when considering datacenter hosting.
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october 2009 by asteroza
meisner-asplos09.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Idea here is to use near consumer grade (500W) cheap power supplies with fast response factors, coupled with aggressive OS sleep software (and maybe SSD's to cut back on the response start lag of spinning disks), to create server arrays that can shed power load to follow computational demand load. Easier to turn off single power supplies working in an array set to cut power than to tweak a single big monolithic power supply.
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march 2009 by asteroza

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