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HCE is an end run around cellphone carriers excessively controlling the SE (secure element) portion of NFC, effectively locking out competitors in the contactless mobile payments space. But now Visa/MasterCard have announced HCE support for cloud storage of credit cards, effectively breaking the carrier stranglehold and opening the way for more Google Wallet like services..
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march 2014 by asteroza
The Prometheus Gas Turbine Project Introduces A New Electric Gas Turbine
Is this for real? Something fishy about this (okay, yes, diesels have a better SFC than gas turbines), since this doesn't seem to be a special case of a generic turbocharged diesel. There have been direct compound piston diesel gas turbine hybrids before (turbo-compound) in aviation, and a terrestrial version could easily include electric reheat of the diesel exhaust before turbine entry to emulate this concept. I suppose decoupling the diesel from the compressor/turbine (turbocharger) stack via electricity gets over the mass flow limits of the diesel. In some ways this is similar to the newer electric assist turbochargers, which can function in both motor and generator modes (generator mode limits turbo RPM to eliminate the need for a wastegate).
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april 2011 by asteroza

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