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Assessment of Technologies for Noncryogenic Hybrid Electric Propulsion
Overview of current tech for hybrid electric aircraft, covering motors, cooling, bearings, and energy management
NASA  hybrid  electric  aviation  technology  research  reference  information  aircraft  motor  power  electronics  bearings  energy  storage 
10 days ago by asteroza
Second version now uses both solar and body heat thermal power generation, but now includes GPS which could drain the battery...
solar  body  heat  thermoelectric  watch  smartwatch  hardware  electronics  devices 
23 days ago by asteroza
Doing what you love doing… | dmtechtalk
So guy built a custom long range optical morse code telegraph for some dude on a RaspberryPi, as the usual smartphone app ones ultimately didn't provide the needed range. Guy does custom hardware projects as well?
RaspberryPi  long  range  optical  morse  code  telegraph  custom  hardware  electronics  devices 
6 weeks ago by asteroza
Remember those Nitro hypervisor offload cards AWS uses to offload network and EBS access? These guys are trying to make a 100Gbps generic version for regular sale. So a mix of ASIC and FPGA, plus TCP offload and probably iSCSI/FCoE/RoCE/NVMeoF offload too. Plus the security TPM/IPMI parts so you can keep an eye on bare metal.
hypervisor  offload  PCIe  PCIexpress  card  cloud  hardware  electronics  devices  SDN  FPGA  ASIC 
6 weeks ago by asteroza
RollerMouse Red Series - Contour Design Inc.
Roller bar mice always seemed like an interesting alternative to conventional HID devices
RollerMouse  roller  bar  mouse  USB  HID  hardware  electronics  devices 
7 weeks ago by asteroza
Home | Ploopy
Trying to be an open source spiritual followon to the famous Microsoft Explorer Trackball mouse
USB  trackball  mouse  HID  hardware  electronics  devices  opensource  input 
7 weeks ago by asteroza
custom CPU's for 2000 euros, but on a 350 nanometer fab process. But hey, no NDA's!
private  custom  chip  CPU  small  lot  DIY  hardware  electronics  devices  semcionductor  fab  manufacturing 
9 weeks ago by asteroza
specialist high performance 360 slip rings for electrical connectors
japan  electrical  connector  slip  ring  slipring  hardware  electronics 
10 weeks ago by asteroza
Liqid Inc. — Element LQD3250 PCIe U.2 SSD
This may be the origin of the quad M.2 in a 2.5 inch U.2 form factor sled
quad  M.2  carrier  sled  U.2  NVMe  PCie  PLX  switch  storage  SSD  hardware  electronics  devices 
12 weeks ago by asteroza
pcie, pci express, ssd, pcie ssd, solid state disk, raid, sata, pcie sata adapter, mac, pc
Would be interesting to see this supporting quad U.2 but would need to add space for the PLX chip
PCIe  adapter  quad  SATA  2.5inch  SSD  mount  storage  hardware  electronics  devices 
august 2019 by asteroza
New wearable authentication more than a "token" gesture | Article | The United States Army
Trying to make an operationally more useful wireless variant of a CAC card, probably as a wearable token if not dog tags. Tough to do that with forward deployed folks though since they would need to faraday cage their token when leaving for patrol.
military  authorization  ID  access  CAC  card  alternative  wireless  RFID  token  hardware  electronics  devices 
august 2019 by asteroza
New short wave IR sensor made on CMOS semiconductors for cheap, for autonomous car sensing in foggy and obscured conditions, rather than InGaAs semiconductors which are expensive...
shortwave  IR  SWIR  sensor  hardware  electronics  devices  israel 
august 2019 by asteroza
Quattro 400 M.2 NVMe SSD Adapter | Aplicata Technologies
Full height x8 quad M.2 carrier, but with a proper PLX switch
FHHL  NVMe  PCIe  M.2  quad  adapter  card  carrier  hardware  electronics  devices  storage 
august 2019 by asteroza
So, fun thing Bloomberg did years ago, the B-Unit...
An updated generic version of the B-Unit as a yubikey alternative would be interesting...
bloomberg  security  card  2FA  private  key  optical  hardware  electronics  devices 
july 2019 by asteroza
USB Power Supply/Charger Test
Apparently this guy and Benson Leung are the reliable guys for QA'ing chargers
USB  charger  recharger  wall  plug  hardware  electronics  devices 
july 2019 by asteroza
LaserCube - World's Smallest Laser Show Projector
Jebus, a Class 4 1W laser that any rube can buy? Even with all the safety interlocks, this should not be handed to amateurs...
laser  lightshow  RGB  projector  portable  lighting  display  hardware  electronics  devices 
july 2019 by asteroza
FuzeX – Use your Cryptocurrency in Real-life
Looks like the fuze multicard guys pivoted to cryptocurrency...
fuze  multicard  credit  card  emulator  hardware  electronics  devices  crowdfunding 
july 2019 by asteroza
Tilt Five – Bringing Tabletop Games to Life
Some people think this might be interesting as a data visualization sandbox (literally, as in those sand based visualizations showing topography)
AR  glasses  eyeglasses  headset  HMD  display  tabletop  gaming  augmentation  hardware  electronics  devices 
july 2019 by asteroza
Project OWL
Emergency mesh wifi network using floating AP's called DuckLinks
opensource  mesh  wifi  network  incident  emergency  response  disaster  hardware  electronics  devices  DuckLink  LoRaWAN  LoRa  adhoc 
july 2019 by asteroza
M.2 M-Key Mini SAS HD SFF-8643 Adapter
Reverse orientation miniSAS connector adapter, unlike the Startech one
M.2  SFF-8643  adapter  card  hardware  electronics  devices 
july 2019 by asteroza
Mini SAS HD (SFF-8643) 4i plug to PCIe M.2 (NGFF) Adapter Dongle w/SATA 15pin Power | M.2 PCIe SSD | M.2 Expansion slots | DB525-QDM203CXXPYY
I think this is locking to PCIex2 per M.2 board, so a single SFF-8643 has two M.2, but that would require upstream bifurication support (or a very adaptable PLX switch equipped host adapter card...)
U.2  chassis  M.2  SSD  storage  hardware  electronics  devices  adapter 
july 2019 by asteroza
U20040 – Viking Enterprise Solutions
Looks like a quad M.2 in a U.2 form factor, with a proper PLX switch
U.2  quad  M.2  drive  carrier  chassis  SSD  storage  hardware  electronics  devicces 
july 2019 by asteroza
Room-temperature Operation of Low-voltage, Non-volatile, Compound-semiconductor Memory Cells | Scientific Reports
Allegedly "universal memory", using quantum mechanics theories, that could replace both DRAM and flash NAND memory?
NVRAM  universal  memory  computing  hardware  electronics  logic  materials  science  research  technology 
june 2019 by asteroza
Signify launches Trulifi | Signify Company Website
The 150 Mbps suggest the wired backhaul might be PLC and not PoE?
Trulifi  LiFi  Philips  optical  wireless  network  networking  hardware  electronics  devices 
june 2019 by asteroza
Plugable - Powerful USB and Bluetooth Devices
Apparently makers of non-suck USB-C hardware, like OWC...
USB-C  USB  hardware  electronics  devices  dock  thunderbolt  TB3 
june 2019 by asteroza
Dog-like robot jumps, flips and trots | Stanford News
Interesting linkage design, avoids linear motors , and maybe avoids some springs too?
stanford  quadruped  propulsion  robotics  leg  actuator  research  technology  hardware  electronics  devices 
june 2019 by asteroza
Home - SiFive
Intel/Qualcomm/Samsung are getting serious, feeding money into this fabless RISC-V shop, as they are desperately trying to get out from under the thumb of ARM. Probably good for RISC-V ecosystem, but how much will they give back to the opensource RISC-V community? Plus, there's the China angle to consider...
RISC-V  fabless  SoC  design  CPU  custom  hardware  electronics  devices  alternative  ARM  opensource 
june 2019 by asteroza
Netstor Technology
NA622TB3 is their quad NVMe chassis for TB3 links, with a proper PCIe switch. A more portable version of an Amfeltec Squid. Also no skanky RAID, like that OWC enclosure...
thunderbolt  TB3  NVMe  adapter  chassis  hardware  electronics  devices  quad  storage  SSD 
june 2019 by asteroza
CO2 Meters, CO2 Sensors, CO2 Monitors, Data Loggers |
Definitely need one for the meeting rooms, since 1000ppm is when people start going dumb...
CO2  meter  monitor  sensor  hardware  electronics  devices 
june 2019 by asteroza
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