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Ecomerit Technologies
Key point is some kind of distributed drivetrain setup, where you have large torque delivered via a huge wheel, and multiple takeoff/off-take drives drawing torque power off the big wheel. Each individual takeoff drive runs a generator of smaller size, so you don't have to deal with the expense of trying to build a larger monolithic unit, in theory.
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july 2011 by asteroza
Strange design. May have merit on the small scale when the rotors don't weigh much, but scaling up is a challenge I would think...
Selsam  SuperTurbine  wind  turbine  power  generator  green  energy  alternative  drivetrain  rotor  layout  HAWT  Delicious 
june 2011 by asteroza
Valentin Technologies, Inc. - The 170MPG Car
Diesel/hydraulic hybrid drivetrain. Was a valid drivetrain option in the past (used on diesel locomotives). Using modern carbon composite tanks would really cut down the weight, coupled with an efficient single speed diesel (or move up to a gas turbine like a Capstone microturbine). Arguably a better option for countries where the electric vehicle support infrastructure really isn't there. Third world countries can import, and do local engine maintenance if it is a simple diesel, hydro tank testing for safety is simple, and push comes to shove normal welded steel tanks are possible too for easier local maintenance. Raw stored energy density will be unfortunately poor (50 miles though hydraulic regenerative braking compensates a lot for this), and offgrid recharge still goes back to electric consumption (the IngoCar CE concept would be interesting as a "multifuel" energy source agnostic vehicle)
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april 2010 by asteroza

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