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Stickman: Towards a Human Scale Acrobatic Robot - Disney Research
This recently evolved into stuntronics, where a humanoid can perform aerial stunts
Disney  research  stickman  stuntronics  animatronics  robotics 
july 2018 by asteroza
Walt Disney Animation Studios: Hyperion Renderer
Interesting parallel ray grouping algorithm to speed up ray tracing. Apparently the new PowerVR GR6500 mobile GPU's have this trick somewhat built-in now.
Disney  research  software  algorithm  ray  tracing  graphics  rendering  parallel  grouping  Delicious 
august 2015 by asteroza
Disney Research » Ishin-Den-Shin: Transmitting Sound Through Touch
Interesting, a physical contact type of telepathy almost. Unfortunately, the e-field can probably be picked up at a distance, if not the actual vibration occurring at the earlobe itself with a directional mic, so no anti-NSA gear for you.
field  touch  audio  sound  electrostatic  disney  transmission  research  modulated  Delicious 
october 2013 by asteroza
Disney Imagineering tests flying dragon, speculation swirls surrounding ‘Avatar’ addition to Walt Disney World | Inside the Magic
The production dragon seems to use a black parasail wing to disguise how it is flying at night, so it seems to be an actual flying dragon. Oh the terror you could induce in certain third world countries, especially if you put a small cellular or satellite telephone operated UAV drone control package on this...
parasail  fantasy  transportation  vehicle  aircraft  paraglider  SFX  effects  special  prop  dragon  flying  ultralight  stealth  Disney  Delicious 
december 2012 by asteroza
Welcome to
SS Disney floating theme park (converted oil tanker) designer's home page
disney  floating  theme  park  recreation  entertainment  ocean  marine  engineering  megastructure  vessel  ship  transportation  Delicious 
december 2009 by asteroza

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