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Soylent Corporation
Must not make Charlton Heston joke... This might be interesting. For people who both feel food preparation is a waste of time usually, but want nutritionally complete diets that don't taste terrible, and is quick, this liquid food (shake?) may fit the bill.
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may 2013 by asteroza
NEC puts household carbon footprint data online ::: Pink Tentacle
A smart little tie-up between a consumer electronics firm and an ISP to get people to buy into a green power monitoring program. This is an interesting strategic move, trying to gain control of power statistical data of ISP customers, potentially as and end run around the electric utilities, so the utilities are forced to pay the data gatekeepers, the ISP, with a cut for the monitoring hardware maker. And since japanese can be utter sheep when someone trots out a green label, there is the potential for significant traction, especially if the ISP is willing to take a loss on the hardware in expectation of revenue from monthly subscribers plus data delivery to users of such data. All the more reason there needs to be open standards and zero barriers to data usage by the original data creators, the end consumer, or else you will have a fantastic data lock-in monopoly.
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