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C1 Espresso | Cafe of the Year | Christchurch New Zealand
Hamburger's delivered by pneumatic tube! Like the Alameda-Weehawkin Burrito tunnel, only real!
food  restaurant  NewZealand  Christchurch  pneumatic  tube  tunnel  delivery  hamburger 
july 2019 by asteroza
A drone program taking flight
Interesting they went with a tailsitter VTOL with wing shroud, rather than google's quadplane style octocopter format. Shroud should keep idiots away from propellers somewhat better, but isn't foolproof. Google decided tethered package drops were safer though.
Amazon  prime  UAV  drone  cargo  package  delivery  hexacopter  multicopter  tailsitter  VTOL  shroud  shrouded  wing 
june 2019 by asteroza
US10216188B2 - Autonomous ground vehicles based at delivery locations - Google Patents
Amazon patent for a UGV that stays at your home/apartment complex and goes out to cargo truck retrieve packages when it rolls by. As opposed to FedEx, where their UGV rolls from the truck to your door.
Amazon  cargo  UGV  package  parcel  retrieval  delivery  patent  robot 
march 2019 by asteroza
Delivering the Future: FedEx Unveils Autonomous Delivery Robot
DEKA designed ibot chassis derivative parcel delivery bot, which suggests it's got some Segway self-balancing tech in there for obstacle clearance, and perhaps stair climbing? As opposed to the recent Amazon patent, where they have a UGV based in your home, that goes out to meet the large cargo truck to retrieve packages.
DEKA  ibot  segway  self  balancing  vehicle  cargo  UGV  parcel  package  delivery  FedEx  hardware  electroncis  devices  robotics 
february 2019 by asteroza
Meet Scout
So amazon is testing those Starship cargo UGV's
amazon  delivery  cargo  UGV  robot  ecommerce 
february 2019 by asteroza
Last mile package delivery UGV run by ex google autonomous vehicle engineers
last  mile  package  cargo  delivery  UGV  startup 
june 2018 by asteroza
Caffeine-catalyzed gels
Using caffeine as a catalyst for producing soft polymer gels embedded with medicine
soft  polymer  gel  manufacturing  caffeine  catalyst  medicine  health  drug  delivery 
april 2018 by asteroza
NanaGram | Be the favorite grandkid
Send pics to the service, they print them out and send it to your Luddite grandparents.
picture  photo  delivery  service  photography  printing 
december 2017 by asteroza
Your next Domino's pizza might arrive in a 'self-driving' Ford - Roadshow
Sure the boxes are positioned right behind the drivers headrest, but this is definitely not the deliverator's steed
Domino's  pizza  autonomous  driving  car  vehicle  cargo  delivery 
september 2017 by asteroza
UK First: Autonomous Grocery Delivery Trials in Greenwich - Oxbotica
If last 100m delivery with drones is still a problem, I think people might be okay with a autonomous cargo vehicle driving up to the curb and users self-servicing, if they can get a alert from an app or web service.
autonomous  car  cargo  package  delivery 
july 2017 by asteroza
NATS Streaming
Has durability and order like Kafka, but fast like NSQ?
realtime  message  queue  delivery  streaming  data  Delicious 
june 2017 by asteroza
No kickstand seems to be asking for trouble though.
cargo  UGV  bicycle  robot  robotics  delivery  Delicious 
march 2017 by asteroza
Sunbury man faces huge fine for using a drone to collect his lunch from Bunnings
Validating the drone food delivery space. So a sausagecopter delivering sausage to a hottub, which presumably is a sausage-fest...
UAV  cargo  drone  food  delivery  sausage  Delicious 
december 2016 by asteroza
ScootFleet - Scooter Delivery and Logistics
Using the cargo box sides to host active mobile advertising is a smart move.
scooter  cargo  delivery  fleet  service  mobile  advertising  backbox  Delicious 
september 2016 by asteroza
Network Cookies
SO the idea is standard network neutrality policy talk is centered on transit not being discriminatory, when the goal is user experience. If the user themselves are better about flagging QoS preferences of their own traffic and transit respects that, then transit providers can use those hints as a guide. Assuming no provider messes with that, and there are no other bad actors...
network  neutraility  cookies  user  flag  QoS  preferential  delivery  networking  research  Delicious 
september 2016 by asteroza
Matternet Partners with Mercedes-Benz to Create the Future of Delivery 7SEPT2016...
New mobile droneport hangar using cargo vans. Make the van an autonomous driving vehicle and you are close to the trifecta...
matternet  cargo  UAV  drone  delivery  mobile  droneport  hangar  van  vehicle  Mercedes-Benz  Delicious 
september 2016 by asteroza
Project Wing partners with Virginia Tech to test delivery by unmanned aircraft |...
Chipotle burritocopter doing winch based burrito deliveries, tested at Virginia Tech via Project Wing (Google/Alphabet) quadplane drone
burritocopter  burritobomber  UAV  drone  cargo  food  delivery  burrito  Chipotle  google  quadplane  winch  Delicious 
september 2016 by asteroza
Patent US9244147 - Automated package delivery to a delivery receptacle
Google patent for a delivery receptacle for drones, like a mobile droneport. Think a dropbox that rolls out of your garage to an open space, takes delivery, then returns to a secure space.
google  cargo  UAV  drone  package  delivery  receptacle  mobile  droneport  robot  landing  pad  Delicious 
june 2016 by asteroza
Light item (maps, SIM cards, medicine) delivery for ships near shore/port
maritime  boat  ship  yacht  parcel  item  delivery  service  UAV  drone  cargo  Delicious  dronebox  droneport 
may 2016 by asteroza
This seems to be the source of the DHL tiltwing parcelcopter...
DHL  tiltwing  parcelcopter  VTOL  delivery  UAV  drone  cargo  Delicious 
may 2016 by asteroza
DHL | Press Release | English
The semiautomated drone hangar/launchpad of the parcelstation is interesting. It could easily handle automated recharge as well. Nice weather dome shelter over the landing pad area too. Sorta like a matternet droneport?
cargo  delivery  tiltwing  VTOL  UAV  drone  skyport  droneport  hangar  DHL  parcelcopter  research  technology  Delicious 
may 2016 by asteroza
TRV | Intuitive Machines
Reentry vehicle sent through the ISS JEM airlock and ejected on the Cyclops launcher, for very time dependent cargo (living biological samples). Lifting blunt body reentry with parafoil touchdown.) If these things can be stowed outside until needed, a cargo ship brings up a RV multipack rack, which makes for a scenario where smallsat launchers can deliver cargo (but still no smallsat cargo delivery vehicle yet to bring small payloads) and then payloads can be returned independently later.
uRV  microRV  RV  rentry  vehicle  ISS  payload  cargo  return  delivery  space  research  technology  Delicious 
december 2015 by asteroza
Domino's DXP
Not quite the deliverator's ride, but it is the pizza delivery vehicle we deserve...
Dominos  pizza  custom  delivery  car  vehicle  transportation  cargo  food  Delicious 
october 2015 by asteroza
Filld – On-Demand Fuel Delivery
Er, is this whole cutting out the middle man silicon valley disruption streak starting to feel like it's jumping the shark a little? Plus the whole fixed location and unlocked gas cap issue is obnoxious for some. But, get Elon Musk's robotic snake arm recharger on a truck to "refuel" EV/PHEV's (with some API that allows you to one time authorize popping open the recharge port), and you might have something. A SuperCharger truck/AAA road rescue truck setup, though would you use a battery bank, a genset, or supercap bank, or flywheels?
gas  gasoline  fuel  delivery  service  Delicious 
may 2015 by asteroza
Workhorse Advanced Vehicles | Innovation built on a tradition of excellence
Working on the octocopter HorseFly, a cargo delivery UAV which is supported by a delivery truck (mobile base/mothership), providing last meter (rather than last mile) delivery capability.
HorseFly  UAV  drone  cargo  octocopter  multicopter  helicopter  USPS  research  hardware  electronics  devices  EV  truck  delivery  Delicious 
april 2015 by asteroza
Mole Solutions
Uses a linear motor track,, and "dumb" cargo carriages/capsules.
UK  england  cargo  vehicle  transportation  railway  railroad  subway  train  delivery  capsule  carriage  linear  motor  track  Delicious 
april 2015 by asteroza
GeoPost expérimente la technologie drone - Le Groupe La Poste
La Poste's express delivery arm GeoPost is working on the GeoDrone project, a cargo UAV hexacopter for small package delivery. Recent tests include a 2 kg package delivered over 1.2 km.
La  Poste  france  mail  package  parcel  research  technology  UAV  drone  cargo  delivery  hexacopter  multicopter  helicopter  hardware  electronics  devices  Delicious 
january 2015 by asteroza
Amp charges into electric trucks, delivery drones | Amp Electric Vehicles
Pairing a delivery drone with a delivery truck (which operates like a mobile resupply base) does sorta make sense, to overcome range limitations.
HorseFly  cargo  package  delivery  UAV  drone  octocopter  multicopter  helicopter  Delicious 
december 2014 by asteroza
Shipping & Luggage Delivery Service from Send My Bag
These guys need to tie-up with Kuroneko Yamato in Japan in prep for the Olympics in 2020...
travel  support  luggage  forwarding  service  delivery  shipping  Delicious 
december 2014 by asteroza
Delivery Catchment System | Drones for Good
Evolution of the mailbox to accommodate drone delivery?
UAV  drone  cargo  delivery  catch  net  box  dropbox  mailbox  parcel  package  SkyNet  Delicious 
november 2014 by asteroza
東京・法人専用 女性スタッフによるおもてなし宅配お弁当サービス『プラチナランチ』
So you can pay minor female celebrities/up and coming starlets to deliver you lunch in Tokyo. Either the girl's talent agencies are hard up for work, there are too many girls, or this is the thin edge of a wedge...
japan  tokyo  lunch  bento  delivery  celebrity  idol  Delicious 
november 2014 by asteroza
I wonder if a business can be made of this, though every government on earth will hate you...
secure  anonymous  physical  delivery  mixnet  privacy  security  research  cargo  package  darknet  Delicious 
september 2014 by asteroza
Zippy, but surprised it isn't a tail sitter. Though if it really carried hard drives, then it really would be a packet copter of sorts. Maybe an update to RFC1149?
DHL  packetcopter  cargo  quadcopter  quadrotor  helicopter  drone  UAV  delivery  package  hardware  electronics  devices  research  technology  Delicious 
september 2014 by asteroza
Projects | EPFL
EPFL/Afrotech working on "donkeys", flying cargo UAV's flying corridor restricted virtual flight lanes stopping at local cargo interchange depots (village general store) to support local business ecosystems.
africa  switzerland  EPFL  flying  donkey  cargo  delivery  UAV  research  Delicious 
august 2014 by asteroza
Unmanned Systems Australia
Google X's tailsitter cargo UAV work is being done with these guys.
google  tailsitter  VTOL  quadrotor  quadcopter  helicopter  UAV  cargo  package  delivery  drone  research  technology  australia  Delicious 
august 2014 by asteroza
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