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3 Carbon Dioxide | Emergency and Continuous Exposure Guidance Levels for Selected Submarine Contaminants: Volume 1 | The National Academies Press
Hrm, pages 53-55 suggest actual issues only in the 25000 ppm range, not the 1400ppm suggested by the harvard study, derived from submarine crew studies, but some of the studies had not a lot of study participants, and US Navy standards and expectations for crew may be somewhat different (currently they try to keep average 3500ppm and try to keep below 8000ppm, but they are also in a long term exposure environment where the body may adapt)(previously 4,100 ppm average with a range of 300-11,300 ppm)...
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march 2019 by asteroza
Impaired Decision Making in Conference Rooms - GIGA循绿
Wait this says 3 people just sitting quietly in a room for 1 hour have impaired cognitive function due to CO2! ASHRAE limit is 1000ppm, these guys suggest 1400ppm is the line for cognitive impairment.
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march 2019 by asteroza
Associations of Cognitive Function Scores with Carbon Dioxide, Ventilation, and Volatile Organic Compound Exposures in Office Workers: A Controlled Exposure Study of Green and Conventional Office Environments
Study shows 3 people in a 2 hour meeting in a conference room have impaired cognitive functions due to high CO2, such that decisions at the end of the meeting suffer.This naturally gets worse with more people.
meeting  CO2  air  quality  health  medicine  business  productivity  safety  decision 
march 2019 by asteroza
Loomio | Collaborative Decision-Making
Based on Occupy protest hand signals and meeting conduct, an app for group decision making.
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february 2015 by asteroza
ChoiceMap - Make Better Decisions | Choice making app, decision app, decision algorithm
A decision support app to make choices/strategies with complex multiple choice component conditions.
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january 2014 by asteroza Online Shopping for TVs, Computers, Cameras & Electronics
Weird site that tries to determine if you should buy something now or wait for a better deal later.
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december 2011 by asteroza
You choose, we fire!
This idea would be a great match with to stick it where it hurts, especially if it was an unsolicited list of executives. Though something tells me there's a business model in crowdsourcing HR layoff decisions...
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february 2009 by asteroza

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