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Oh god, smuggling C2 commands in TLS cert subject names. I suppose it should be possible to be bidirectional using both server and client selfsign certs....
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february 2018 by asteroza
On Covert Acoustical Mesh Networks in Air
Oh hey, who has a computing device with both a mic and speaker? Everyone with a smartphone apparently. How useful this could be in say, a revolution/riot scenario. Interesting that the network protocols build on work for submarine communications...
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june 2014 by asteroza
Sparrows is a leading manufacturer of lock picks for locksmiths, military and the sporting community.
Shirt cuff links, that contain a hidden handcuff key. Key not universal, but good enough to get you out of most handcuffs. Using this may be breaking the law however. But lets be honest, how often will a cop check your cuff links, since you are likely to be well dressed, and thus at first glance judged to be a low threat/flight risk?
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november 2012 by asteroza

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