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バブル90特設サイト(Bubble90)株式会社DG SALES 株式会社ディージーセールス
Weird air bubble entrainment nozzle design that cuts water use but still has pressure (doesn't feel like poor performing low flow nozzle) and cleans the same amount. It actually seems to be encapsulating air bubbles.
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may 2015 by asteroza
NAE Website - Coming of Age in New York: The Maturation of Energy Efficiency as a Resource
I like the concept of "market aware energy consumption asset" AKA the smart appliance, that can fiddle with it's operational cycles to time shift energy consumption when energy is cheaper (and possibly chose an energy source, say local vs grid), work in concert with other smart appliances to keep overall consumption below a certain threshold (say to not go over the capacity of a battery bank's output), and possibly cooperate with the local utility or regional ISO.
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august 2012 by asteroza
Studio Sassor
A net connected Kill-a-watt style device connecting to a service platform for aggregating power information in a web interface
Sassor  japan  ELP  energy  literacy  platform  ELPlite  power  consumption  sensor  monitoring  hardware  electronics  devices  Delicious 
june 2011 by asteroza
Using network bandwidth graphing tools to illustrate recent TEPCO power consumption data
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april 2011 by asteroza
東京電力供給情報ウィジェット - Android Market
Basically it shows the current TEPCO consumption graph via that open TEPCI power API someone hacked together, which is terribly slow to update due to the raw data source's update frequency (gee, TEPCO having poor information/data transparency? surprise, surprise...)
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march 2011 by asteroza
New Measurement Device Helps Monitor Power Consumption via Power Line -- Tech-On!
So somebody is finally getting around to the problem of monitoring non-smart appliances and getting the data to building management systems without having to install new networking lines (while avoiding wireless like ZigBee due to limited spectrum) by using an inline PLC modem to send data to a management station/controller. Smart to use the inline device as a switchable sensor/master. Now if only somebody like Intel or Atmel or TI could make a nice single chip hybrid sensor/PLC modem for both retrofit and new build devices, things could really change.
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december 2010 by asteroza
Intel's experimental sensor analyzes appliance power consumption from single outlet -- Engadget
Interesting concept from intel for remote power consumption measurement of devices. Fixes the chicken-and-egg problem of needing smarthome/smartmeter/smartgrid compatible appliances that can directly report consumption to be able to measure granular energy consumption in a home. It still won't provide true remote control (smarthome may be able to shut down individual outlets as a broad measure), but it's a decent way to retrofit existing homes and appliances. Though Intel or somebody is going to make simple inline smarthome compatible power controllers for appliances at prices that manufacturers will live with (assuming there isn't a government mandate forcing the integration) eventually...
intel  smartgrid  smarthome  smartmeter  home  appliance  remote  electricity  consumption  measurement  meter  sensor  metrics  analytics  power  green  energy  Delicious 
april 2010 by asteroza - Domotica, Home automation in the Netherlands - Realtime Plugwise Device Status
A decent start for an online personal power consumption dashboard, using PlugWise ZigBee derivative (using Digi propreitary mesh routing) current sensors to monitor household power consumption.
PlugWise  Digi  zigbee  SMART  grid  power  consumption  meter  monitoring  logging  tracking  green  energy  Delicious 
may 2009 by asteroza
NEC puts household carbon footprint data online ::: Pink Tentacle
A smart little tie-up between a consumer electronics firm and an ISP to get people to buy into a green power monitoring program. This is an interesting strategic move, trying to gain control of power statistical data of ISP customers, potentially as and end run around the electric utilities, so the utilities are forced to pay the data gatekeepers, the ISP, with a cut for the monitoring hardware maker. And since japanese can be utter sheep when someone trots out a green label, there is the potential for significant traction, especially if the ISP is willing to take a loss on the hardware in expectation of revenue from monthly subscribers plus data delivery to users of such data. All the more reason there needs to be open standards and zero barriers to data usage by the original data creators, the end consumer, or else you will have a fantastic data lock-in monopoly.
NEC  BigGlobe  japan  zigbee  wireless  power  consumption  monitoring  tracking  reporting  data  statistics  analysis  analytics  online  game  carbon  diet  ball  dung  beetle  green  lifestyle  CO2  Delicious 
april 2009 by asteroza
meisner-asplos09.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Idea here is to use near consumer grade (500W) cheap power supplies with fast response factors, coupled with aggressive OS sleep software (and maybe SSD's to cut back on the response start lag of spinning disks), to create server arrays that can shed power load to follow computational demand load. Easier to turn off single power supplies working in an array set to cut power than to tweak a single big monolithic power supply.
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march 2009 by asteroza

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