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Naming and shaming "black companies" that grind their employees with overwork, sometimes leadng to death...
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december 2015 by asteroza
THE SUIT COMPANY TSC [ザ スーツ カンパニー]
Apparently sell summer business slacks that use a thin fine wool with mesh rather than polyester internal pockets, machine washable
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february 2014 by asteroza
What it’s like to work for Stripe | Alex MacCaw
Interesting talk about email transparency culture at stripe, by CC'ing mailing lists so anyone basically can see how the company is doing overall via a firehose of emails. This is probably only doable at a startup with a small employee number though.
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march 2013 by asteroza
Wikipedia style public information consultancy, for market/business information in/about Japan.
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october 2011 by asteroza
EC studio, Inc.|Selling in Japan made easy.
Interesting company, and a rarity in japan, since it has zero facetime with customers. There are also all about their employees, to the degree of dropping bad customers and taking the side of their employees.
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january 2011 by asteroza

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