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Interesting deployable antenna reflector using a shape memory polymer for the reflector ribs (so sorta looks like a clam shell), and an active focus subreflector to correct and beam steer.
newspace  deployable  antenna  reflector  space  cubesat  collapsible  folding  shape  memory  polymer 
march 2018 by asteroza
Interesting concept for a folding wheel, using segmentation and lateral folding. Does this allow conversion between skinny tall wheels and short fat wheels (pseudo-fatbike wheel alternative?)
collapsible  folding  wheel  airless  tire  concept  bike  bicycle  wheelchair 
january 2018 by asteroza
Interesting inverse folding umbrella to seals itself into it's own pole.
reverse  collapsible  folding  umbrella  Delicious 
january 2016 by asteroza
StrangeWorld - James Dyson Award
EV bike with self stored collapsible wind turbine to recharge in the outback. So MadMax doesn't need to go hunting for guzzoline...
MAdMAx  electric  motorcycle  vehicle  transportation  EV  integrated  foldding  collapsible  wind  turbine  solar  PV  power  generator  Delicious 
june 2015 by asteroza
roee | Stakes
If they can figure out a way of doing this without having to roll it up for storage, they will have a winner here.
outdoor  survival  gear  portable  collapsible  grill  wire  mesh  stake  hardware  Delicious 
february 2014 by asteroza
No.100 - 製品情報 | トーヨーセフティー
Bloom safety helmet, a collapsible helmet for compact/sorta flat storage
safety  japan  gear  collapsible  bloom  helmet  Delicious 
november 2013 by asteroza

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