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P08M2 - Wiwynn
very low profile dual M.2 card, but no PCIe switch it seems so need bifurication?
PCIe  dual  M.2  carrier  adapter  card  storage  low  profile 
21 days ago by asteroza
P16M4 - Wiwynn
Interestnig heatsink latch mechanism, but this looks like it doesn't have a PCie switch chip so need bifurication?
PCIe  quad  M.2  adapter  card  storage 
21 days ago by asteroza
8-Port PCIe Gen3 x8 Switch AIC AXXP3SWX08080 Product Specifications
The hell, Intel has an 8 OCulink port x8 card (FHHL?) But those right angle OCulink ports are a pain...
PCIe  NVMe  PLX  switch  adapter  card  OCulink 
22 days ago by asteroza
New wearable authentication more than a "token" gesture | Article | The United States Army
Trying to make an operationally more useful wireless variant of a CAC card, probably as a wearable token if not dog tags. Tough to do that with forward deployed folks though since they would need to faraday cage their token when leaving for patrol.
military  authorization  ID  access  CAC  card  alternative  wireless  RFID  token  hardware  electronics  devices 
23 days ago by asteroza
Motion Code | IDEMIA
Where does the power for this come from though? RFID interactions? Or an expendable embedded battery (considering most credit cards are 3 year issue, an e-ink microcontroller that changes the number every hour would have relatively low power requirements...
credit  card  CVV  CVV2  dynamic  code  e-ink  security 
27 days ago by asteroza
alex's coding playground » Download
Apparently a proper windows based tool for full image cloning of a USB or SD storage device, useful for backs like for ESXi
USB  SD  card  cloning  backup  tools  utilities  software  sysadmin  tips  tricks  VMware  ESXi 
27 days ago by asteroza
Quattro 400 M.2 NVMe SSD Adapter | Aplicata Technologies
Full height x8 quad M.2 carrier, but with a proper PLX switch
FHHL  NVMe  PCIe  M.2  quad  adapter  card  carrier  hardware  electronics  devices  storage 
29 days ago by asteroza
So, fun thing Bloomberg did years ago, the B-Unit...
An updated generic version of the B-Unit as a yubikey alternative would be interesting...
bloomberg  security  card  2FA  private  key  optical  hardware  electronics  devices 
8 weeks ago by asteroza
FuzeX – Use your Cryptocurrency in Real-life
Looks like the fuze multicard guys pivoted to cryptocurrency...
fuze  multicard  credit  card  emulator  hardware  electronics  devices  crowdfunding 
9 weeks ago by asteroza
Flashtec NVRAM Drives | Microsemi
The formerly PMC Sierra NVRAM NVME drive
NVRAM  NVMe  SSD  PCIe  card  storage  high  performance 
9 weeks ago by asteroza
Download Intel® Network Adapter Driver for Windows® 10
Apparently windows 10 VLAN support is half broken again, needs to use powershell to set VLAN's
windows  10  intel  network  card  driver  bug  VLAN  sysadmin  tips  tricks  powershell 
10 weeks ago by asteroza
AcornNest X4 | SQRL
This appears to a be an x16 card with a PLX chip...
PCIe  PLX  quad  M.2  adapter  card 
10 weeks ago by asteroza
4TB JMR SiloStor NVME SSD x16 PCIe Quad Drive Card (Half-height, full- – MEGAMAC
Interesting, a half height but full length PLX expander quad M.2 adapter card, as an alternative to a Amfeltec Squid
PCIe  PLX  expander  card  quad  M.2  HHFL 
10 weeks ago by asteroza
PE4C V4.1 (PCIe x16 Adapter)
I like the low profile M2. adapter cable, but the other end looks fragile
M.2  adapter  cable  card 
10 weeks ago by asteroza
PCIE Bifurcation | Page 20 | [H]ard|Forum
That guy doing custom PCIe bifurication work is doing PLX based expansion riser cards now
custom  PCIe  PLX  expansion  adapter  card 
10 weeks ago by asteroza
Riser Card | Support - Super Micro Computer, Inc.
The RSC-R2UG-A2E16-A is a PLX active riser card to split x16 to 2 x16 for GPU's
SuperMicro  active  PLX  PCIe  riser  expansion  card 
10 weeks ago by asteroza
NGFF M.2 PCIe M-Key extension card with 20CM cable - Sintech adapter card and test tool
Hrm simple M.2 extender would allow using various adapter M.2 cards with a Amfeltec Squid
M.2  extender  card  adapter  cable 
10 weeks ago by asteroza
M.2 to 4 Port SATA 6G Adapter (PCIe 2.0)
Looks like the true source of the non-RAID 4 port adapter, but it seems to be a port multiplier type
M.2  SATA  SATA3  port  multiplier  expander  adapter  card 
11 weeks ago by asteroza
M.2(PCIe3.0) to 5 Port SATA 6G Adapter
Looks like the source of the 5 port SATA port multiplier expander card
M.2  5  port  SATA  SATA3  expander  adapter  card  multiplier 
11 weeks ago by asteroza
Addonics Product: M2 SFF-8643 converter
Nice illustration of how far out SFF-8643 port sticks out
M.2  SFF-8643  adapter  card  dimension  scale  illustration 
11 weeks ago by asteroza
M.2 M-Key Mini SAS HD SFF-8643 Adapter
Reverse orientation miniSAS connector adapter, unlike the Startech one
M.2  SFF-8643  adapter  card  hardware  electronics  devices 
11 weeks ago by asteroza
5 port Non-RAID SATA III 6Gbp/s to M.2 B M Key Adapter PCI-e 3.0 x2 bandwith
Port multiplier based it seems, which may be problematic for some people
M.2  SATA  converter  adapter  card 
11 weeks ago by asteroza
AOC-SHG3-4M2P | Add-on Cards | Accessories | Products - Super Micro Computer, Inc.
Supermicro seems to have a PLX switch quad M.2 carrier card, but it's full height, unlike the Squid series
quad  M.2  carrier  adapter  card  PCIe  FHHL  PLX 
may 2019 by asteroza
VLAN creation Windows 10 enterprise and professional
There's a dirty hack to get VLAN's on windows 10 with intel card when that tab isn't available on the driver, by using a hyper-v vswitch
windows  10  intel  network  card  VLAN  setting  configuration  hyper-v  sysadmin  tips  tricks 
may 2019 by asteroza
AMD Intel HD Graphics | Community
Apparently if the WDDM version doesn't match on windows 10 you could face problems running a discrete video card with the onboard Intel GPU
sysadmin  tips  tricks  video  card  driver  WDDM  version  mismatch  bug  windows  10 
may 2019 by asteroza
SQUID Carrier Board™ Family PCI Express Gen 3 Carrier Board for 6 M.2
New version at full height with 6 M.2 SSD's. Technically exceeding the host x16 uplink capacity
full  height  PCI-e  M.2  adapter  card  hardware  electronics  devices 
may 2019 by asteroza
ISO/IEC CD 18013-5 - Information technology -- Personal identification -- ISO-compliant driving licence -- Part 5: Mobile driving licence application (mDL)
A soon to be finalized software based ID standard, allowing basically EMV chipped cards, and by extension basically any FeLiCa NFC equipped smartphone, to act as a ID surrogate. Google is pushing for this in Android Q, Apple will likely follow. ICAO and friends want to extend/reuse this for passports as well.
mDL  mobile  driving  license  drivers  ID  card  standard  ISO  software  electronic  eID  security  identification 
may 2019 by asteroza
HighPoint SSD7101A-1 NVMe RAID Controller, 4x M.2 Ports Supports 4x M.2 NVMe SSDs
If you want hardware RAID NVMe, this doesn't look shabby. You can choose your own M.2 SSD's in this version, and they also sell a prepopulated RAID0 version up to 8TB (4x2TB M.2 SSD). RAID10 is nice. But if you are software RAIDing then a Squid is better...
NVMe  carrier  card  host  adapter  RAID  RAID0  RAID1  RAID10  RAID5  quad  M.2  PCIe  PCIexpress  x16  hardware  electronics  devices 
march 2019 by asteroza
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